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Nothing could be worst in a mother’s life than losing a child. Today, I’m here with my honest The Victim Review. This 4 part new tv series on BBC one brings a very heart-melting story. Where a mother doesn’t find the closure after the brutal murder of her 9 years old little boy. I cried for hours after watching this tv show, it was really depressing. But the fact is that if someone kills your child and you don’t know why then life becomes miserable because every other day this question pops up in your mind and you can’t feel relaxed until you know the answer.

The Victim Anna Kelly Macdonald Child Murder Case

What is the Story of The Victim TV series 2019?

It is a story of a Scottish mother who is involved in the whereabouts of her child murder. The killer has been released and she wants to expose the child killer in front of the world. Her intention is to save other children from that person whose identity has been kept hidden due to security reasons. She just knows the name of the killer and that’s it. She doesn’t know how he looks like, so after years of a child dies, she is looking hard here and there for proof.

The Victim Bbc One Miniseries Scottish Crime Thriller

Devil child killer- Eddie Turner got arrested after the murder and kept in prison. He changed his identity once he left prison and started over the new life. As the mother is not satisfied so she has been searching for the new identity the killer got for 15 years. She finds the new identity of Eddie Turner with the help of a private investigator. According to the source, the new name of the killer is Craig Myers. She makes a fake email account and posts on social media about the child killer on Halloween. Craig who is living in front of her house attacked by someone who watched that social media post. Police took mother in the custody for investigation of this attack. This is the point where the show begins and it uncovers many brutal facts and twisted realities of their lives. You would really enjoy this Scottish tv series on BBC  1.

Release date: 8 April 2019

Network: BBC 1 Television

Cast: Kelly Macdonald, James Harkness, John Hannah,  Karla Crome, John Scoughall

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What do I like about The Victim BBC one?

Its story is what kept me engaged with the show.  You really feel it from the heart that an innocent person is killed and the mother has no idea about the killer’s identity. She doesn’t give up on true justice despite the fact that her whole family is not on her side. She is so determined to find the true face of that person . She wants to ask him why he killed his innocent child. What wrong did his child do? Why he was killed so brutally with the glass?

After the story what attracts me the most is the acting of mother Anna Dean – played by Kelly Macdonald. When I was watching the show, I was thinking that actress didn’t sleep for hours because she looks restless all the time. Her depressed state of mind was so clear from each and every move, no matter she says a word or not. I really appreciated the way she did all that.

The suspense of the tv show remain intact till the last part. I am the kind of person who likes to guess about the real killer like at one point I thought the friend of Craig is the real killer.

There were two mind blowing scenes where Craig Myers confesses about his real identity. I cried when Anna was saying “I am sorry”, “I am really sorry”. Because she thinks that she has spoiled life of a wrong person just to find justice for her child. I paused the video and cried first. I have lost some people in my life. Therefore, I really feel related to my mother. I know intentionally we don’t like to hurt anyone but it happens automatically. We are so hurt and we want to find some relief from our depressed state of mind. So, we do certain things which we don’t do in a normal scenario. I must say the way Anna portrays the whole situation is worth a round of applause.

The Victim Tv Series 2019

I also liked Craig Myers performance, in the first three episodes you feel for the guy whose whole family setup has been turned upside down due to a lost mother;  she is not even sure where Craig is Eddie Turner or not. So, you feel bad when he suffers from another’s person act.

DI Stephen Grover is the investigator on the child murder case and he has his own agenda against women who speak for themselves. His wife hurt him so much, so he tries to take revenge from Anna because this is what he can do. He takes sides with Craig Myers. I see him as the villain instead of Craig.

The scene where Craig tells the story of Anna’s Child murder is indeed very heart-crushing. I was crying and watching the Victim last scenes. The questions and the exact descriptions of murder really poked my heart. And the very last moment where fathers want to stab the killer and Anna stops by saying “He wants to grow Big” was the perfect finishing line for this kind of story.

Rumi quote at the end of the tv show has a really deep message.

Rumi Quotes Our Beyond Ideas Of Rightdoing And Wrongdoing The Victim Ending

Wrap up

I recommend you must watch this 4-part BBC one miniseries “The Victim”. It brings amazing performance, fantastic acting, and valid point courtroom drama. You should watch this crime thriller series and enjoy its suspense from start to end. Because you never know who is the killer and what extent a mother can go to find justice for her child.

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