22 Most Recommended Supernatural TV series List ( updated on Dec 2019)

The Twilight Zone Old Supernatural Tv DramaDo you believe in paranormal and supernatural aspects of life? If it is the case then I suggest you watch some amazing Supernatural TV series. There are many people who don’t believe in magic, the existence of witches, vampires, and wolf. But it is time to think little outside the box and make them wrong simply by watching some great and top rated tv shows.

1.The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Best Tv Shows

You will fall in love with vampire especially Damon Salvatore when you start watching this series.

We have seen Twilight movie series where a girl falls in love with a Vampire. The concept of Vampire Diaries is not just the love of human and vampire but it is more than that.

You would be able to take an entry into Vampire life and see how their relationship looks like. More than seven seasons of Vampire Diaries has been aired on CWTV.

There are millions of fans of TVD- The Vampire Diaries all around the globe. So, you must watch this most watched tv shows to see what real magic it has.

Now you can stream The Vampire Diaries on Netflix.

2. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Best Tv Show

I personally don’t like zombies but it doesn’t mean that I don’t watch walking dead. I really do. However, I am adding this series in Supernatural TV series just because it is a highly recommended series by a friend.

It is one of the most thrilling kinds of TV series. Its first three seasons make your real addict, you keep watching the episode, one after another. This intriguing fantasy type thriller turns into a melodrama from 6th seasons.

Dead are not the only problem, but also human beings. The survival becomes a bit tricky. I must say some characters are not required in the show at all. But you would enjoy watching this fantasy thriller tv series on Netflix for sure.

3. Grimm ( time to Kill Evil-Creatures)

Grimm Best Tv Shows

Do you think grim exist in this world? If not then it is time to meet with real-life Grimm who is able to put an end to any kind of supernatural and evil creature.

He can see the darkness in the eyes of dark world creature and is powerful enough to deal with them in the best manner available.

I watched two seasons of this supernatural tv show and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m sure it would be the same kind of fun for you. Grim Season season 6 was final and it ended in 2017.

4. The Originals

The Originals Best Tv Show

Do you want to meet with the ancestor of Vampires and witches? The original on CW is must watch series then. It will introduce to a family of vampire ancestor who is really amazing.

Just like a human being family, this vampire family has family members with varied opinions, strategies, and behavior. I love the acting of Klaus but Alieja is also good. His ethical moves and well-mannered behavior made him very attractive.

Now The Originals are landed on Netflix. Must Watch them.

5. SuperNatural ( Enter into Demonic Creatures World)

Supernatural Best Tv Show

No series is as amazing as the Supernatural is. It is super thrilling. You will enter into a horrifying world where two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester hunt monsters. They are raised by their father after mother’s death.

They are trained as soldiers who can deal with demonic creatures of the world. They need to rely on each other when it comes to dealing with new enemies.

Supernatural season 14 is on air these days. You will have to watch more than 290 episodes just to catch up the latest happenings in the world of both brothers.

6. American Horror Story ( Horrific Stories)

American Horror Story Best Tv Show

This supernatural series started in 2011 and it is still running. Currently, American Horror Story season 8 is on air. If you are a person who takes good interest in mysteries of the world and ready to dive in and discover them then no doubt it is a series which you would like to watch.

The show revolves around the Harmons – a family of three who moved to a haunted home; which is haunted by demonic creatures. It is really fun to see an exposure of family and demonic creatures.

How they deal with these creatures and how they find their shrinks.

7. A discovery of Witches

A Discovery Of Witches Cast Episodes Supernatural Tv Show

This is a really good new tv show which should watch. This story revolves around a witch who doesn’t know how powerful she is.

Just one season of this series has on-aired but everyone enjoyed it. If you are looking for supernatural tv series 2018 then you should explore it.

This series includes witches, vampires, and demon. So, you will get a full package of the supernatural world when you watch it.

8. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Supernatural Tv Shows List

Enough talk about vampire and witches, it is time to dive into wolf world. I must say that Twilight movie and novel is always on the mind of a person who takes interest in wolf- vampire, and witches.

I might not be right but most of my friends who love twilight like to follow witches, vampire and wolf series. Let’s get back to the point. As the name shows, this show focuses on teen wolf.

What problem they face when they try to live in the human world and how they handle their college life. It is one of the best teen tv series with millions of fans.

9. Witches of East End

Witches Of East End Cast And House

Once you did with the wolf, you should dive into witches life. This story revolves around mysterious Beauchamp family that lives in the seaside town of East Haven.

The women of this family are cursed and gifted at the same time. You would explore witches power and some creepy incidents in the life of two sisters.

Their power revelation turns the whole town upside down. You must watch this series that has fun, family, relationship and supernatural power combo at the same time. Check its novel.

10. Once upon a time ( Fantasy world stories in Real life)

Once Upon A Time List Of Supernatural Tv Series

Do you believe in fairy tales? Snow white, Huntsman, Evil Queen, etc. if yes, then you can take an entry into the world of fairy tales simply through Once upon a time. It is one of most recommend tv shows online.

You will see your favorite fairy tales live and with an amazing twist. These tales were not old. The 21st-century blend in old tales is simply very interesting. You will enjoy every episode.

You will see how this series will make old fairy tales real. In childhood, you imagined queen, snow white, king, princess, etc but now your imagination will come true through this show.

There are total 7 seasons of Once upon a time and I am sure you would like each and every episode since it is fun to meet with fairy tales legends. The finale of Once upon a time is explained here.

11. Lucifer ( story of Fallen Angel)

Ctv Best Supernatural Show Lucifer Fallen Angel Series

We have talked enough about vampire, witches, and zombies, it is time to embrace Angel tv series.

As the name shows, Lucifer is the original fallen angel who is not satisfied with his life in the hell. He takes entry into the real world and here when the real fun starts. Lucifer season 1 started in 2016 and currently, you can watch Lucifer season 3 on Fox.

It is one of the high rated tv show on Fox. Once Lucifer left the hell, he started embracing women, wine and song. So, you can meet with real-life Lucifer and take a sneak peek into his fun life via this series.

12. EVIL (2019)

Evil Tv Show 2019 Supernatural Drama

I started watching EVIL and I must say that it is a kind of series which offers you some chunks of supernatural and reality side by side. It is among those tv shows about supernatural which don’t take you completely into a fantasy world.

There are two kinds of people in this world: first type is those people who believe in supernatural creatures and existence of demons, devils, monsters, ghosts and similar stuff; the second type is of those people who don’t believe on this stuff at all.

So, it is very difficult for first kind of people to make second kind of people understand about supernatural events. These skeptical people truly believe on science and psychology. They think that people are never possessed by demons or ghosts. They are no bad or good spirits.

Many such people exist in the your circle. If that is the case, then ask them to start watching EVIL. This Supernatural tv show offers two different perspectives from these two kinds of people on a certain supernatural matter.

Three different people make a team; Kristen Bouchard- a skeptical female psychologist; David Acosta- a Catholic Priest; and a blue-collar Indian contractor. The purpose of this team is to investigate unexplained mysteries of the world on behalf of church.

It is different from other supernatural tv series, because its stories are more engaging and believable. I loved that show, you would surely enjoy it. According to Vox, Evil is the one of the Wildest tv show.

The show started on 26 September 2019, you can watch its 8 Episodes on CBS. With imdb rating 7.5/10, it is a kind of tv series which you should watch at least once.

13. American Gods

American God Old And New God Supernatural Creatures Tv Show

Enough talk about demons and vampire, take an entry into old and new God’s world right from Starz. When I watched its first episode, I couldn’t get any idea about this story. I was expecting to see some blood-thirsty vampires or some witches.

However, this show brought a brand new concept of technology-based God who start a war with ancient God. Not only the concept is unique, storylines and characters are very powerful.

You can categorize American Gods under the best TV shows about Supernatural. They let you unlock a very different kind of Drama which blow your mind sometime while other times make you wonder a lot.

You can watch Total two seasons of American Gods, total episodes are 16 on Starz.

14. Stanger Things

Stranger Things High Rated Tv Shows Netflix Original Series

It is the most popular Supernatural TV series on Netflix. Fans of this series are not just the kids but also the adults. Although this series revolves around kids a lot.

You will get a chance to watch strange monsters. What I like the most about this show is that it offers a unique mix of horror with humor. It is scary but not that scary.

It is a story of a group of friends in Indiana who found themselves in a crazy situation just after their friend got missing. They explore some secrets of town and meet Eleven- a girl who can move things with her mind.

Stranger things on Netflix takes you in 1983 where you explore many mysteries and strange creatures. There are 3 seasons of this wonderful horror tv show of Netflix with total 25 episodes.

15.The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone Old Supernatural Tv Drama

If you are a kind of person who wants to look back into history and have a desire to watch a timeless supernatural tv series than treat comes in the form of “The Twilight Zone”. It is among those series which set benchmark for other fantasy or supernatural dramas,

Even after a decade of its finale, this tv series has power to keep audience engage and to win their attention. It’s not just the story which glues you to The Twilight Zone, many big actors such Robert Redford, William Shatner, and Burt Reynolds made an appearance in it and make it a must-watch TV show about supernatural.

The story of show encircles a vampire who moves from moves from Sunnydale to Los Angeles and unlock a comprehensive collection of mystery tales; which you want to uncover with great curiosity.

Must Check: 35 Best Mystery TV Shows

The Twilight Zone has 5 mind-blowing Seasons with total 156 episodes. If you are concerned about rating then it is rated 9/10 on imdb.

16. Angel

Angel Vampire Tv Shows

It is one of the most-watched TV shows about Vampire. Series unlock a war between an Angel vampire and demons. Angel is the story of the vampire Angel David who is looking for redemption. He wants to take a fresh start after leaving his true love Buffy in Sunnydale.

During his redemption journey, he meets a whole ‘nother breed of fiends whose has an intention to bring back his dark side. But he joins hand with some heroes and start a mission of protecting Angelenos from the demon threat.

There are total 5 seasons and 110 episodes of Angel, started in 1999 and concluded in 2004.

17. Being Human

Being Human Tv Shows About Witch Ghost Vampire

Want to meet vampire, werewolf and a ghost in the same TV show? Being Human will make it possible for you. It introduces you with the same supernatural creatures who are happened to be roommates.

I must say that storytelling style of Being Human is matchless. This British tv show is different because you don’t find melodrama stereotyping about supernatural creatures in it. There is fun, drama, and supernatural aspects which you like.

Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, and Meaghan Rath are roommates, they have great chemistry. I like it when they crack jokes when you expected the least.

18. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Best Tv Shows About Vampire

Do you want to meet a strong female Vampire? If yes, then don’t skip this series because it let you discover a very impulsive yet mesmerizing Sarah Michelle Gellar acting as Buffy.

Once you watch this series, Buffy captures a piece of your heart and then never gives it back to you. The mission of Buffy is to fight demons and vampires.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer started in 1997 and ended in 2003 with total 7 seasons, 144 episodes. While its rating on imdb are 8.7/10.

19. Charmed

Charmed Tv Shows About Witches

My cousin recommended this series for my list of best tv shows about Supernatural. I didn’t watch it but she is a big fan of Charmed girls. This is how it landed in my list. I must warn you that this show is sentimental in natural. So, sometimes you might have to use some tissue paper to clean your face while watching Charmed.

It is all about trio of sisters who are good witches with significant powers. They need to keep a balance between their ordinary and supernatural lives. It’s not easy for them to  hide their supernatural identities.

You explore time travel plot, witch craft, warlock wizard with lot of darkness in Charmed. However, the most inspiring thing of this tv show about witches is bonding, chemistry and love relationship of Charmed sisters.

This Witch tv series started in October, 2018. There are total 2 Seasons with 18 episodes available to watch on The CW.

20. Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful Tv Series About Supernatural

People who like a mixture of horror and supernatural will fall in love with Penny Dreadful. I must say that it is among those tv shows which got less credit for the performance and story they brought to audience.

This psychological thriller will let you unleash stories of some renowned classic literary characters such as Dorian Gray, Dorian Gray, Count Dracula, and Victor Frankenstein. It is one of those award-winning TV shows about supernatural, which have strong characters and storylines.

Penny Dreadful was released in 2014, brings 3 seasons with 27 episodes. Its imdb ratings are 8.2/10.

21. The X-Files

The X Files Long Running Supernatural Drama

I started watching The X-Files when I was just a kid, and when I was not allowed to watch such shows. But I couldn’t keep myself away from any supernatural drama. Therefore, I found a way to watch it anyway. Though, I missed many episodes of my favorite series. Don’t feel bad, I watched them once I turned 20.

This show brings two amazing characters Fox Mulder- the true believer and Dana Scully- a skeptical woman. It takes you into a world where you monsters and aliens keep coming in America and FBI department has to investigate them.

The X-Files started in 1993 and finalized in 2018. This is among those 90s TV shows about supernatural which are rebooted and energized for current audience. The show has total 11 seasons and 218 episodes while its imdb ratings are 8.6/10.


Legion Tv Shows About Supernatural

When I watched first episode of Legion, I gone crazy literally it happened. Actually, I wanted to start a new show, so I decided to give a try to Legion based on its 8.3/10 imdb rating.

I got free from my routine work and wanted to add some pinch of entertainment into my life. I watched first episode and then I asked myself “What was that exactly? What happened? What was happening”

For one second, I think like I’m getting crazy. But that was just for one second, as soon I came back to my senses. I decided not to watch it again.  However, I watched its first season and got all the answers moving up and down on my mind.

This series will let you make a difference between extreme cases of schizophrenia and supernatural powers. David Haller knows how to deal with every kind of schizophrenia, his whole life he did that. But his theory find a new twist when he has to deal with a new patient, Syd.

This meet up totally put the whole life theory of David about this illness upside down. Syd has supernatural or superhuman capabilities.

Legion is a psychological horror thriller which started in 2017 and ended in 2019. You can watch total 3 seasons, 27 episodes.

 Wrap Up

Now you have a list of supernatural tv series which are most recommended by their fans. Now start watching any show from the list and don’t forget to share your streaming experience with us.

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