Must Watch 9 Shows Like Shameless for the Sake of Fun

Are you a big fan of shameless? Looking for Shows like Shameless? You are not alone because there are millions of fans who are in love with each and every character of this show including me. After watching this show, I have been searching for some other series which are similar to the crazy drama I found in the series.

9 TV Shows to Watch After Shameless

I’m going to share a list of 9 shows which you can watch after enjoying shameless Season 9.

Funny Tv Shows Like Shameless


It is a story of a widowed mother of Two who faces financial and emotional breakdown after the sudden death of her husband. She starts selling weeds and establishes a little drug business with the help of her brother-in-law. Now she doesn’t know how to be a mother and a woman who has a drug-business to handle. Keeping her professional and personal life isn’t so easy.

Tv Shows Like Shameless And Weeds

  1. Californication

If you are looking for a tv show to watch after Shameless then you should consider this one. It let you take a step into the life of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) who is a New York Based writer moves to California for creating a screenplay of his book but he suffers from writer’s block instead. He starts day drinking and get romantically involved with different women and here is when his whole life turned upside down. You will have fun when you see how he is trying to be a writer but end up in certain affairs which doesn’t help him in writing. So, when you think that you are stuck somewhere in your life then you should watch the excellent performance of Hank who is facing the same problem but at its worst level.

Californication Hank Moody Series To Watch After Shameless


It is a story of a group of teenagers who are experiencing new life things and trying to learn many things as they grow up. It brings two series where each part unlocks stories of troubled kids who are facing drug abuse, dysfunctional family drama, bad parenting, homosexuality problems and much more. This show like shameless you can watch on Netflix.

Skins Tv Series Teen Tv Show Funny Drama

  1. The Mick

Another comedy tv series like Shameless is The Mick. Mickey is a smart person who doesn’t have any ambition. She always searches for a short-cut in her life. Her life changed completely when she went to visit her estranged sister who married to a billionaire just to get some easy cash but both flees the country and leaves her behind to take care of their three ill-mannered children. Teenage Sabrina doesn’t like to respect anyone, Middle Child Chip is a teenage boy with extreme mood issue and Ben who is cute but always get so many questions in mind. I really enjoyed this drama because it is hilarious and doesn’t let you feel bored at all. It’s funny to see how Mickey tries to handle the biggest responsibility of her life as a crazy aunt who knows nothing about handling kids.

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Shows Like Shameless On Amazon Prime The Mick

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  1. The Affair

Looking for some extramarital show with lots of fun and thrill? Start watching this drama which brings Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart. Noah is a budding writer who is married for twenty years and has 4 kids. Alison is a waitress who falls in love with Noah and here is when the real “Affair” disaster begins. Their life is a simple mess and you enjoy the narrative style of the show which explain the emotional strain of the people quite beautifully.

Binge Worthy Shows Like Shameless

  1. You’re the Worst

When you don’t know what purpose of your life is and what you really want to get from it then simply tune in to this tv show. It has fun, drama, craziness and yes twisted mind show for you at one place. Two young people who have a bad perception about love and relationship decided to start a relationship with each other. Jimmy is a narcissist writer whose priorities are completely misplaced when It comes to life or writing. Gretchen has clinical depression but she manages to work as a Los Angeles PR Executive. They are two broken people who tried to solve puzzles of life and this is where they are simply the worst.  You will enjoy emotion and comedy side by side form this show.

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You Re The Worst Tv Show On Fox Watch Now

16 Best TV Shows Like Jane the Virgin

  1. Arrested Development

Looking for some family drama as you find in shameless? I think you should simply start watching this drama which started in 2003 and has five good seasons to browse for. Bluth Family is a wealthy family in town until their lives move upside when family’s patriarch George Bluth got arrested in white-collar crime. As the main member of the family goes to prison, so the rest of the family member start living their lives in their own way. Some family members are not ready to give up on their extravagant lifestyle while others don’t know how to deal with their routine life issues. Michael Bluth who is Family’s second son is trying hard to keep every person under control but things are beyond his control. The show brings drama, fun, and mind-blowing life issues which you don’t like to miss. It is a show which you must watch after Shameless.

Is There Another Show Like Shameless On Netflix Arrested Development

  1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Nothing is crazier than to sit in the Paddy’s Pub where you meet 5 emotionally unstable and morally unfit folks. The show highlights a gang which includes dishonest, alcoholic, vengeful, mean and egoist people who are ready to go as low as you want them to.  They don’t mind hurting people and making fun of them. If you are a sensitive nature person who takes things to his heart then I warn you this beyond comedic imagination show is going to change you very much.

It's Always Sunny Philladelphia Shows Bingewatch Funniest Netflix

9.BoJack Horseman

This new comedy tv show on Netflix is in an instant hit. The show lets you explore the life of a Horseman who was once a famous TV personality but now trying to tackle his personal life issue. He is a narcissist who doesn’t know how to give up on alcohol, substance abuse and the bad decision of his life. When you watch this show, you feel related to the many crises of his life. You feel like he is portraying your life pain at its best. There is not just a horseman but the life of other animals who are facing the same problems as we are. But despite its thin line of morality characters, there is a lot of fun and laughing stock which you never want to miss. BoJack Horseman is one of the best shows like Shameless, you can watch on Netflix.

Bojack Horseman Tv Shows Like Shameless To Watch On Netflix

You can’t find a drama which has the same story as Shameless but what you can find is a tv show that can offer you the same amount of fun. I have created this list of 9 tv shows like Shameless by keeping in mind the same theory. I’m sure many of you have searched for the same thing I did. So tell me did you find any show which you can watch after shameless and experience the same level of joy? Share your experience and list with us.

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