Santa Claus Coming Soon! Track Santa Sleigh Through Santa Tracker

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Yay Hay! Santa Claus is coming soon to your town! He watches you sleep, he cares for everyone and he brings amazing Christmas presents for everyone.
Thanks to the North American Defense Command for bring this innovative technology “Santa Tracker” , which is helping all people who love Santa to keep the track of Santa’s arrival. Now, everyone, from anywhere around the world can track Santa Claus, and learn about his whereabouts and his last stop, and where he’s off to next in his beautiful sleight that has reindeer. Santa Claus could be delivering Christmas gifts right in your neighborhood any moment or he might be the one to deliver right at your door step as he is making his annual journey in 2019.

What is Santa Tracker?

Norad Santa Tracker has a long history, now even Google has a website online that can help everyone with the internet to keep the track of Norad’s Santa journey online. If you want to know where is Santa, you could click on this  Google’s Santa tracker which is saying that Santa has already departed, wow.

This year marks the 64th Anniversary of NORAD Santa’s tracking, Mr Claus is working with his team, which is surprisingly consisting of many females this year. The tradition began in 1955 when a local newspaper accidentally posted a phone number of Mr Claus, it was a misprinted number that was  a direct line to Air Force Col. Harry Shoup at the Continental Air Defense Command Operation Center in Colorado Springs.


What Happened when people Called Santa Claus?

With the number posted on the newspaper, many children and people all around the world started calling on that misprinted number. Shoup played the part of Santa Claus and tried to answer all the Children’s questions in a gentle manner throughout the time. Years later, Norad was formed to protect the airspace over North America, however they continued the tradition of the Christmas season and they never stopped tracking Santa Claus. Now Father Christmas is being tracked through the Santa Tracker worldwide, which is more fun.

Santa Tracker and Christmas Eve

So an annul live stream is broadcasted every year on the television, you could see everything on your television and watch Saint Nick making his preparations with his Reindeer and Rudolph.  Santa Tracker is clearly telling us that he is already on his way, jetting off with his Rudolph.

Now you can also track Santa and his whereabouts through the Santa tracker Norad app, you can download it from Google playstore. This Santa tracking app is a fun way for parents and kids for the arrival of Santa all together. Keep your eyes on your doors may be his sleight would land right next to your home this year.

Santa Phone Number

If you are tracking Santa yourself on this Christmas Eve, you can keep the track of his journey by getting in touch with Norad’s Santa Cams, there is a Santa Phone number for you that you could dial to speak with Live Norad’s Santa Tracker and the number , call 1-877-HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723).

To get the Santa Tracking app, you can simply google “Norad Track Santa Claus App” and you will find the first link which is the official tracker of Norad.

Have fun celebrating this Christmas Eve!


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