10 Best Netflix Kids shows

It’s not easy to handle kids at home. So, I always suggest parents simply keep them engage with Netflix kids shows. Some shows are simply fun while other help your kids learn. Even there are some shows which help you kids play along with other kids. So, let’s unlock a list of best kids shows on Netflix.

1. DinoTrux

Kids must know about dinosaurs which might have left this world, yet they were the biggest creatures on earth. DinoTrux is a story of Ty Rux and Revvit who live in a world where creatures are quite different – half truck and half dinosaur. It’s fun to see what how this unique creature makes a friend and handle life challenges. This series started in 2015. DinoTrux Season 5 is currently on-air on Netflix.

Dinotrux Best Kids Shows On Netflix

2. Super Monsters

It is an American-Canadian tv series started in 2017. You may be familiar with monsters, now you can see how their kids bring fun into preschool life. Within a year, this show has become quite famous among kids. They like to watch it and name a friend after their favorite monster.

Super Monsters Netflix Original Tv Show


3. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

It is one of the top rated tv shows on Netflix. Kids like to watch superheroes tv shows. And I highly recommend this series which revolves around a super girl –ladybug and a superhero-cat Noir. Both work together to save the Paris from its biggest enemy Hawk Moth.

Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug Cat Noir Superhero Kids Shows On Netflix

4. Dreamworks- Dragons

It is an animated tv show on Netflix based on a very popular animated film “How to train your dragon”. These Netflix kids series unlock adventure of a dragon-toothless and his trainer-Hiccup. Your kids will learn many things from this series. Kids can develop many skills by training their dragons and learning the unique powers of their animal. Moreover, they create a special bond with their dragon. In the series, dragon and his trainer discover new species, learn new things and fight against new villains. It is among the most recommended tv shows on Netflix for kids.

Dreamworks Dragons Animated Kids Shows On Netflix

5. The boss Baby: Back in business

Baby running a business seems like an unexpected situation but this is what happens in this new tv shows of Netflix for kids. Tim is boss baby who gets help from his brother and tries to manage family life and his job at Baby Corp, headquarters. This comedy tv series has a lot to explore for.

The Boss Baby Back In Business Comedy Tv Series On Netflix For Kids

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6. Llama Llama

This is another latest tv series on Netflix, started in January 2018. This American’s Children web animation series revolves around Llama Llama who learns about fun, life, and many new things right from mother Llama. Children usually have a lot of questions about life and things. This series will help them find the answers. Llama cast includes Vincent Tong, David Orth, and Kathleen Barr.

Netflix Llama Llama Popular Tv Series Of All Time

7. The Magical School Bus Ride again

Kids take good interest in magic and riddles. So, I recommend this Netflix kids show which unlocks magical adventure. Kids learn about the wonders of world and science in their high-tech school bus. The magical school bus season 2 on Aired in April 2018.

The Magical School Bus Ride Again Magical Kids Show Netflix

8. Spy Kids- Mission Critical

It is a new tv show on Netflix for kids. In our childhood, we always try to get involved in tasks and handle some mission. Now spy kids will help you do the same. A job which can’t be done by grown-up spies can be done simply through junior spies Juni and Carmen Cortez to defeat S.W.A.M.P.

Spy Kids Mission Critical List Of Best Kids Show On Netflix

9. The Prince of Peoria

It is a story of a 13-year old prince who becomes a U.S exchange student and then faces some life challenge. His unusual friendship with a fastidious overachiever totally changed his life.

The Prince Of Peoria Netflix Cast

10. Kulipari- the Army of Frogs

This show revolves around fearless frogs who are so daring to start a war against evil scorpion and spiders. Your kids will take a step into amphibians world and get to know them better via this series.

Kulipari The Army Of Frogs Great Tv Shows For Kids On Netflix

Having a list of best kids show Netflix will help you pick a show that matches to your kid’s interest and you don’t have to search around. So, tell me which show would you like to watch with your children now. I will recommend starting with Dreamworks- Dragons. But final choice is up to you.

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