12 Hulu Original Series You Shouldn’t Miss

Do you own Hulu subscription? Looking for a list of best Hulu original series? If it is the case then we have got you covered. No need to search anymore. Let’s unlock a collection of best series which you should start watching now.

1.The Handmaid’s Tale

It is a new series which started in April 2017. This series won the heart of many people just because it came with an enticing story. This series is based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood. This show will take you to Gilead- a totalitarian society which was once a part of U.S. A fundamentalist regime rules the society where women are the property of a state. There is a very low birth rate along with environmental disasters. So, fertile women are forced sexually to repopulate the state. Offred is one of those women who are determined to fight back. It’s fun to see how she survive in such a bad environment.

Handmaids Tale Season On Hulu Watch Best Tv Series

2. Castle Rock

It is one of the new Hulu original series 2018. People who like horror shows and creepy character would surely take interest in the movie which unlocks a psychological horror show take place in Maine (Castle Rock). An Attorney Henry Deaver has to come back to his hometown to handle some unsettle situations and all this starts from an anonymous phone call which leads to death-row. You will find surprises, thrill and horror scenes in this amazing show.

Castle Rock Hulu Series List

3. Future Man

Do you like the concept of time traveling and missions? If the answer is yes, then Future man is a must watch Hulu original show for you. The series starts when Jennitor Josh has nothing to do with his life, he feels bored and only plays video games. But things change quickly when he defeats a difficult game and character from the future comes into his life. He has to make a team and doesn’t time travel just to save the world from extraterrestrial visitors. No doubt, this series has a fun plot to enjoy for.

.Future Man Best New Shows On Hulu

4. Harlots

This British-American drama will take you to the 18th Century in London. The story revolves around Margaret Wells and two daughters. Her most profitable commercial business is attacked by a lady rival madam –Lydia and this attack start a war. So, Margaret has to come forward and fight back.

A Hulu Original Series Harlots 2018 Best Tv Show Streaming

5. This is the US

It is a very popular Hulu Original comedy show which brings stories of more than two families who are intertwined in many unusual manners. Some of the family members share birthday while others have some kind of melodrama. You will see a television actor, a businessman and funky family keeping it all together in a single show. Ready to tap on different lifestyle at the same time?

Hulu Originals This Is Us Best Comedy Show

6. Casual

Are you in a casual relationship ?or simply like to have one? Then, I am sure you are able to get a lot of dating ideas, one-night stand relationship suggestion and much more from this Hulu original series. You will get a suggestion from three different angles. One from an adult man- Alex, second from Valerie who is a newly divorced woman and a Laura- a teenage girl. Do you want to swim in a dating pool of casual relationship with these people? If yes, then you should watch Casual season 1.

Casual Top Tv Shows On Hulu Original

7. The Looming Tower

It is one of the best new Hulu original series, you shouldn’t skip. If you want to dig down deeper into 9/11 attack then you will get the background information from this series. This show is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name by Lawrence Wright. You will see the rising threats of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida. FBI and CIA action plans along with counterterrorism divisions play a role in this worst attack on American soil. The story is a bit slow but you would enjoy it.

The Looming Tower Hulu Networks Original Series Terrorist Attack Nine Eleven Series

8. Rick and Morty

Do you want to watch the best Hulu comedy show? I suggest you go and watch Rick and Morty. Rick suddenly reappears on the doorstep of his daughter Beth for a family reunion. But Bet’s Husband Jerry is not really happy about this surprise entry into his home. He doesn’t like Rick who is a scientist and works on sci-fi gadgets which could prove dangerous for the world. But it is not the only reason, he really minds when Rick involves his grandchildren Morty and Summer in his adventures.

Rick And Morty Hulu Comedy Tv Shows To Watch

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9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It is another Hulu originals comedy show. You would take an entry into 99th precinct where some detectives are carefree and talented, some like to follow to rule while others don’t like it at all. It’s funny to see a really tough competition among cops to have the best arrest record.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Top Tv Shows On Hulu

10.Difficult People

Another funny tv show to watch on Hulu is this one. Difficult people revolves around Julie and Billy who are friends and have a really good sense of humor. Both like to make fun of other people and many times their comedy acts are quite uncomfortable. But you would surely like the gossip around this show.

Difficult People Hulu Original Comedy Tv Series

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11. Runaways

If you have teens at home, then you should suggest this Teen TV series to them. This show includes a runaway planning of five teens who are not satisfied with their lifestyle and their parents. They have superpowers kind of powers which they explore by accident. Kids investigate the dark history of their parents and try to figure out the way to get away from it as much they can.

.Runaways Marvel Teen Original Hulu Networks Series

12. The Wrong Mans
Do you like action and comedy combination? Then indeed you would like to watch this crime show on Hulu, it brings two men who are involved in criminal conspiracy and try to make themselves heroes. It is light entertaining and action-pack series which you should watch when you get some free time or when you want to feel light.

The Wrong Man Netflix Worth Watching Tv Series

What are you waiting for? Go and add these Hulu original tv series in your watchlist. And don’t forget to add your own favorite show in my list by commenting below.

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