25 Incredible Evan Peters Movies and TV Shows You Should Watch

Fans of American Horror story always want to get a list of Evan Peters Movies and TV shows. This American actor is best known for performing multiple roles in FX anthology series American Horror Story. This horror drama is quite famous all over American. He played main villain roles in this tv series.

Evan Peters Films And Tv Series List To Watch

Those who watch films, known him as QuickSilver –a  mutant in films X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. Clipping Adam is the film where he made his acting debut in 2004. He remained a part of Invasion which is a science fiction tv series on ABC. He played a supporting role in the Superhero Kick-ass.

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25 Incredible Evan Peters Movies and TV Shows list

Evan Thomas Peters was born in 20 January, 1987. He is 31 years old. You have seen him many times from 2004-2010 in many commercial for well-known brands such as Kelloggs, Papa, Playstation and John’s Pizza. Let’s check a complete list of his films and tv series below.

Evan Peters Movies And Tv Shows List

  1. American Horror Story (since 2011) TV show
  2. Pose (since 2018)
  3. Kick-Ass (2010)
  4. X-men : Apoclypse(2016)
  5. X-men :Days of Future Past (2014)
  6. Never Back Down (2008)
  7. American Animals (2018)
  8. Sleepover (2004)
  9. Adult World (2013)
  10. Dark Phoenix (2019)
  11. An American Crime (2007)
  12. The Lazarus effect (2015)
  13. The Pirates of Somalia (2017)
  14. Elvin & Nixon (2016)
  15. Clipping Adman (2014)
  16. Never Back Down 2 : The Beatdown (2011)
  17. Gardens of the Night (2008)
  18. Remarkable Power (2008)
  19. The Days (2004)
  20. Safelight (2015)
  21. Invasion (2005-2006) TV series
  22. The Accomplice (2017)
  23. The Good doctor (2011)
  24. The List (2011)
  25. Queen (2011)

American Horror story is a top rated horror show which you can watch. Evan Peters ‘s role as the villain is quite amazing and you will really enjoy it. Although he worked in Invasion but people are starting to know him from AHS.  X-Men  is one of the top rated films you can watch. His role as Quicksilver is appreciated by many fans. You must watch Kick-ass film as it brings lot of fun locked in a great storylines.

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