15 Best British TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Do you like British accent then definitely you will take good interest in top British tv shows? I am going to share my collection that comprises of top rated tv series. No matter what show you pick from the collection, it will bring amazing performance, mind-blowing story and great visual. So, what you need more? Go and check this list now.

  1. Games of Thrones ( since 2011)

It is one of the most popular and top rated tv shows you can watch. People are a big fan of its cast. Almost every character of this show has a strong impression on the mind of the viewer. It unlocks the story of two families who are competing with one another in a death to get the fill control of Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. You will take a footstep into a king, queen, knights, renegades, and powerful enemies world as soon as you tune in the best British tv shows on HBO.

IMDb rating: 9.5/10

Games Of Thrones Best British Tv Shows 2018


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  1. Bodyguard (since 2018)

People who take good interest in politics regarded it as the Best British TV shows 2018. The story brings a political lady(Julia Montague MP) and war Veteran ( David Budd). Julia a controversial and ambitious politician who brings the plan to bring some new surveillance powers for security forces. During his service in Afghanistan, David went through some emotional and physical scars. He is hired as a bodyguard for Julia and his new duty is quite challenging as his viewpoints don’t match to her. But he gets involved with her and once she killed during a conference, he has to find justice own his own for Julia.

Bodyguard Popular British Tv Shows 2018

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

  1. The Crown (since 2016)

It is among the most popular British tv shows in America. If you want to enjoy the real glory era of King George VI then you will have to give this series your best try. This Netflix original tv series is based on the Award-winning play “The Audience” by Peter Morgan. You will meet with a charming Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) who handles the reign after the death of her father. At the age of 25, she has to deal with a lot of real-life issues such as politics, government, romance, personal intrigues, and many other life aspects. You will walk around with her from the 1940s to modern times and it would be the real fun. The Crown Won Golden Globe Awards for the Best Television Series.

IMDb rating: 8.7/10

The Crown Popular British Tv Shows To Watch Top Rated

  1. Sherlock (since 2010)

Do you think you are a smart person? Then you don’t know the smartest person on earth famous as Sir Holmes who is the star of the show with a fast brain and strong detective skills. Dr. John Watson is a war vet arrive home from Afghanistan and he meets with Holmes. They became flatmate and then they explore the real-life mysteries which have thrill, fun, and story altogether.  It is one of the most popular tv shows to watch.Sherlock Tv Series Best Tv Series To Watch 2018


IMDb rating: 9.5/10

  1. Peaky Blinders (since 2013)

After the Great War of 1919, Britain became a combination of despair and Hedonism. There is a survival fight between newly minted revolutions, criminal gangs, and returning soldiers. Peaky Blinder is the most powerful gangs of the time. Thomas Shelby and his family run this gang. He has big goals and ambition. He doesn’t want to run the Britain Street only, he has a business plan in mind. So, you will see how a gangster turned into a businessman after availing a golden opportunity. This British TV show will let you explore the time when gangsters were in a direct fight with the police and they were beating the government in many other ways.Peaky Blinders Best British Tv Shows On Netflix 2018

IMDb rating: 8.8/10

  1. Poldark (since 2015)

Another British War Style TV series which you shouldn’t miss is this one. It unlocks stories of Aidan Turner who is Capt. Ross. He returns to home after the American Revolutionary War. He finds that his father is dead and his true love is going to marry some other guy.  It is one of those British tv shows which has a mixture of love, adventure, and action for you.Poldark New Tv Series Uk 2018

IMDb rating: 8.4/10

  1. Killing Eve (since 2018)

It is among the best new tv series UK 2018 which you shouldn’t miss if you like action, crime, and thriller. Eve is a bored yet very smart MI5 security officer whose life is not according to her dreams. Villanella is a very talented killer who leaves no marks behind. Both women go head to head and play a cat and mouse game in this new tv show 2018. They are equally obsessed with each other. It’s not a normal detective scripted show you watch on tv, it has something fun and entertaining for you.Killing Eve Award Winning Crime Tv Series British Tv Show

IMDb rating: 8.3/10

  1. Black Mirror ( since 2011)

What I like the most about this tv series is that every episode unlocks a different story. So, if you don’t like one episode you can simply turn to the next episode. But overall you would enjoy this tv that unlocks a door of a modern world and its associated issues for you. It is one of the Best British tv shows on Netflix you can watch.Black Mirror British Tv Shows To Watch Right Now

IMDb rating: 8.9/10

  1. Downtown Abbey ( 2010-2015)

When you are looking for the best British TV Shows without any vulgarity and Violence then this tv series could be your first choice. It highlights British Aristocracy in the 19th century. You will get related to its main character from the very start of the show. Excellent screenplay, powerful story and wise dialogue make it the right option for everyone who needs great entertainment stuff.

Downtown Abbey Top Rated British Tv Series To Watch

IMDb rating: 8.7/10

  1. Misfits (2009-2013)

It is the best British tv series for Teens. As we all know, teens like to have super powers and this show will give them what they need. It is a story of five juvenile offenders who have to work together on a community service project. An electrical storm hits the town and they got a superpower. Now they have to handle their new life and abilities alongside completing the community project. This teen tv show has a lot to offer you and you will enjoy it for sure.Misfits Binge Watching British Tv Shows

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

  1. Fleabag TV series  ( since 2016)

It is my favorite British comedy series that circles around a young London based woman who is dry-witted and has anger issues. She has to cope up with big city life and at the same time handle her past tragedy.Fleabag British Comedy Tv Shows On Amazon Prime

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

  1. Unforgotten ( since 2015)

You can add it to your list of binge-worthy tv shows. Sanjeev Bhaskar and Nicola Walker are two leading stars of the show they work as the detective. Their mission is to solve a murder mystery cased happened 39 years ago. Bones of a victim is found under a demolished ground. This crime series try to uncover the truth behind the murder and unravel the main suspect. All events related to crime will be fully revealed.Unforgotten Best Tv Shows To Watch Netflix

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

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  1. Shetland ( since 2013)

This British tv show brings another murder mystery. You will be able to know what really has happened and why a person has been killed.

IMDb rating: 8/10

Shetland Top Tv Series Uk 2018


  1. Skins ( 2007-2013)

Teenagers have to face different kind of issues in high schools and routine life. You will be able to explore issues like sexuality, teenage pregnancy, personality disorder, substance abuse, mental illness, and eating disorders via this series. The good thing about this top rated tv series is that it will change the case after every two seasons. So, there are new characters with new stories and issues. If you are a parent of teen then you should watch this show that would aware you about different aspects of teen life in England.Skin Tv Series Best British Tv Shows To Watch

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

  1. SAFE

It is another Best British tv shows on Netflix. The story unlocks struggle of a father who is a widowed surgeon. After losing his wife one year ago, he is trying to raise her two daughters all alone. He starts a new relationship with his old friend. But things become difficult for him when his oldest daughter goes missing. He has to find her at any cost and he struggles really hard for this. I like this show as it demonstrates that family comes first and a person can do anything to keep his family safe. The drama series was created by mystery novelist Harlan Coben.

Netflix Originals Safe Best British Tv Shows To Watch On Netflix

IMDb rating: 7.4/10


You have got a list of 15 Popular British tv shows which you shouldn’t miss. They have great stories, amazing screenplay, and thrill which you really need. Did I Miss any of your favorite drama? Feel free to share its name in the comment box below.

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