Why Barry HBO Miniseries Won 10 Awards ?( My Review)

I was getting bored when I started watching Barry and then I realized that I’m not the only one who was feeling bored. Barry is also going through the same problem. Honestly, I’m bored with my job and I feel related to Bill Hader. He is a hitman and I was surprised to see that he can also get bored from his routine killing scenario. We all need change, so I continued watching the show and I’m happy about my decision. I enjoyed every single moment of this dark comedy tv series. So, let’s talk about some plus and negative points I noticed in the show and of course I’m going to give you quick story details.

Barry 2018 Award Winning Comedy Tv Series On Hbo Binge Watch Show

Barry Plot:

It is a story of a Hitman who is not really happy or kind of bore from his job. He is looking for some change, this quest takes him to an acting class. He basically goes there to kill his target but he ends us making the target his best friend and also he realizes that he has a great potentional to become an actor.

Currently, you can enjoy Barry Season 2 on HBO and it is good to know that HBO has renewed the series for Season 3. The simple reason is that it is a high-rated tv show which people really enjoy.

Plus Points: what I like about This Dark Comedy Series on HBO

Now I would like to tell you all those things which I enjoyed in the show.

  1. First of all, Bill Hader’s performance is the main catching point. He is so serious person even in the funniest situations. You can’t stop laughing the way he behaves in a tough or funny scenario. A hitman can be an actor, or an actor is a good hitman; you got confused what is what.
  2. Sally is the second best character in this comedy tv show. She is a girl who has been in an abusive marriage relationship. She is still struggling and trying hard to become an actor. So, the person like me who still don’t know where their life is going and whether I will be successful someday or not, girls like Sally are a true inspiration. This character makes me think that it is okay if you are not getting what you want at the very moment. One must have to keep going in life. Be a better version of yourself.
  3. When you think of a hitman, you think of an evil person. But when you take an entry into the personal life of Barry then you are able to see some good things in evil personality.
  4. When Gene gives lessons to the class then you can implement all those lessons and learning in your normal life. Like using the grief for something positive.

Barry And Sally Best Comedy Tv Series 2018 Hbo

Don’t Forget to check:

Barry – Award Winning comedy Series

If you are still not convinced to watch this new dark comedy series then I should tell you that this series won 10 awards and 35 nominations. People love Bill Haider new series and acting. You can get details of all its awards here.

Barry Comedy Tv Show Review Cast

You must know that all these positive points are surely be considered by Awards Critics, therefore this show got 10 awards. I come to know about this fact just now when I searched about the facts and cast details of Barry. It feels really great that one series which you admire has been admired by top critics and Awards.

Negative Points: Things I don’t like About the Show
  1. In the first season, the mafia for whom Barry killed other people doesn’t seem very strong.
  2. The detectives in the series don’t look very smart and cunning. Actually, I watch many crime thriller series so in those series detectives are far better and smarter than all those who are shown in the Barry HBO.


Barry Cast: Bill Hader, Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg , Andy Carey, Anthony Carrigan

Barry Release Date  Season 1

Its first episode on HBO goes on air on 25 March 2018. This mini comedy series has 8 episodes in the first season.

Barry Season 2 Release Date

The second season of this amazing show has started, you can watch from 31 March 2019.

As far as season 2 review  is concerned, I just watched its first episode “ The Show Must Go on , Probably?”  After the death of the lead detector, Gene Cousineau is in depression. Barry Block is trying to lead the class and don’t know how to cover up all the mess he has created. In the first episode, Gene Asked him to share his grief situation which happened when he was killing the first man on his job in Afghanistan. The class members are trying to portray the scene which is in the mind of Barry. I must say acting class members presented a very heart-touching killing scene. But only Barry knows the reality that he wasn’t feeling sad everyone was enjoying around him and he didn’t feel bad that he killed anyone. However, he doesn’t have the courage to share his real scene with the class. Overall that episode is great as Sally is working for her career and trying her best but I don’t get the WOW factor which I find in season 1.

Barry Hbo Season 2 Release Date

But I have really high hope from Barry Season 2 and I won’t stop watching the show. I’m waiting for its next episodes which I will enjoy with a bowl of popcorn for sure. Till then share your opinion about Barry. Do you like the Dark Comedy series.? If you didn’t watch this new 2018 tv series then you should give it a try now. It’s not a really long one. Just 9 episodes so far but each episode has some sort of fun for you. So, go and watch now.

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