What I can Watch on Hulu? 7 Recommendations from My Side

Just landed at Hulu with a question in mind “ What I can watch on Hulu”? Certainly, I have a clear answer to this question for you. I have created a list of best Hulu tv series 2018 which have good ratings and reviews. I watched a few of them and they are really great. In short, they well worth your time.  Let’s check what I have for you.

The Handmaids Tale

Do you like to enjoy old stories and tales? You definitely grab fun watching this American tv series which take you into a world where women were slaves.  The only purpose of their existence is to give birth to a child just to make sure that empire doesn’t get extinct. There are only a few women who are fertile, so they are used as sex slaves. But not every woman can tolerate this kind of injustice, so it is better to stand up and take some necessary actions. Same happens in this top rated tv shows 2018. It won Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama.

Warning: Some women find it a depressing drama, but again it has a very powerful story to tell you.

Rotten Tomatoes 92%

The Handmaids Tale The Best Hulu Tv Series To Watch Right Now


Castle Rock -Horror TV Show

This Hulu series will definitely play some games with your psychology.  You might have seen many dark series but it is the darkest one. You need some patience to watch it for sure, the story won’t get clear immediately. If you are a true fan of Stephen King then this show won’t bore you, otherwise, its slow storytelling style will test your tolerance. This new Hulu series started on 25 July 2018 and only 10 episodes are available at this point to watch.

Rotten Tomatoes 86%Castle Rock New Hulu Tv Series 2018

Harlots- The Perfect Women Drama

It is one of the top rated tv series on Hulu. When you want to see the revenge, drama, thrill and a powerful story then you shouldn’t miss Harlots where women of the old era come and show the most promising talent. People say that a war for women is easier to win than a war with a woman. It is certainly true and you will see its live proof in the form of this drama which is set in 18th Century London.  This American-British drama series let you see the dark and bright sides of Margaret Wells and her two daughters. How she handles the business and what she can do to beat her competitor.  Two Seasons of Harlots have been on-aired on Hulu and you can add this show in your binge watch tv series list, anytime.

Rotten Tomatoes 86%

harlots what you can watch on hulu

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The Looming Tower- Hulu Crime TV Series

If you are a person who likes terrorist and crime series then you will take good interest in this new Hulu tv show which started in February 2018. We all want to know how Osama Bin Landen became the top terrorist for America and how he became the mastermind of 9/11 attacks. So, this series might give answers to all such questions. It unlocks connection of 9/11 attack with that of FBI and CIA professionals.  If you still don’t know what I can watch on Hulu, then you should watch the first episode of the Looming Tower and you will simply binge-watch the entire show. There are only 10 episodes where each episode has the perfect story, performance, and charm to win your heart. Go and take your chance on it.

Rotten Tomatoes 94%

The Looming Tower Best Hulu Tv Series 2018 What I Can Watch

Runaways – Best Teen Series 

It is one of the best tv shows for teens. I also watched the complete series. It has a powerful story of 5 teenagers who discover dark secrets of their parents and try to run away from them. They have some supernatural powers of their own, they come to know about those powers during the show. Running away from your own parents is a kind of concept which is new to me because I  am a family loving person. It’s kind of hard for me to leave away from them. However, Runaways bring good reason to skip your family and go rogue.

Rotten Tomatoes 85%

Runaways Best Teen Tv Series On Hulu To Watch

I love you America with Sarah Silverman – Hulu Comedy Show 

After spending the tough day, we all need some kind of light stuff to watch. So, I suggest you watch this Hulu comedy show brought to you by Sarah Silverman. This half-hour talk show tries to bring a smile on your face. Sarah is doing her best to bring people together especially today when there is political unrest and people have a very diverse political approach. In such a scenario, one joke at a time works like a magic- mood change happens and you feel relax.

Rotten Tomatoes 93%

I Love You American Sarah Silverman Comedy Hulu Tv Series Binge Worthy Shows

UnReal – Unlock Reality TV Shows Reality 

The best answer to your question What I can watch on Hulu is to start watching UnReal. Once you start this series, you won’t like to watch any other tv show. The reason is that it will bring enough drama, deception, betrayal, and romance for you at once place. I always recommend my friends to watch UnReal because this tv show unlocks the dark reality of “Reality tv shows”. What you love the most about this show is “Rachel”- (Shiri Freda Appleby ) who really make you fall in love with her or simply with her manipulating power.

Unreal Tv Series What I Can Watch On Hulu Binge Over Watch


We think that people who come to take part in the reality tv shows for finding their partner or true love really get it. But it is all scripted. The participants have to do a lot of bad things behind the screen and you will see how directors and producers manipulate the contestants just to get what they want for high show ratings. The more you watch UnReal, the more you will hate Reality TV Shows.  It has total 4 seasons with 38 episodes and every episode has an epic story and fun.

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