What Can you Watch on Netflix in free time?

Got some free time? I am sure you want to spend it in the best ways. If you don’t know what can you watch on Netflix then I am going to share my personal favorite shows list. I will tell you why I like these shows and what you can get from it.

13 Reason Why –( Suicide is not the only best Option )

I bullied by my college fellows many times and my family helped me to deal with this problem. But not everyone is so lucky. Therefore, I suggest you watch 13 Reason why-this show revolves around Hannah Baker who is being bullied by her classmates and she couldn’t say a word or got any help. She commits suicide as this seems like an easy option to deal with high school problem. But it is not the right way always. 13 Reasons Why unlock 13 Reason which Hannah recorded in a tap, every episode put light on a person who is the reason behind her suicide. No doubt, it is a depressing show for teens and girls who face bullying situation in their life. But at the same time, it teaches us that suicide is not the only option, one must have to go and seek help. Everyone deserves happiness. No need to feel low or have some kind of inferiority complex just because you are not fitting in properly in an environment.

13 Reasons Why Best Tv Series You Can Watch On Netflix High School Bullying Theme

13 Reason Why brings story after Hannah death and how her death impacts the lives of people who were somewhat responsible for her death. Her friends go into Trauma and they face many problems. Her parents try to find justice while her so-called friends get a chance to dig deep into their heart.
This Netflix series worth watching because it allows you to find a way out of bullying. Suicide seems like an easy option to get away from bullying or life problem but one must have to see how this one action affects your family and friends. So, in the end, you try to get out of the thought of killing yourself or dying for something which can be controlled.

Ozark (Money laundering 101)

If you think that you are the only one who is living a life full of stress and depression then you are wrong. You must see Marty Byrd who has to do money laundering for mafia and criminals and at the same time he has to keep his family save. I must say that this series unlocks many dark characters which surprise you in many ways. If you are a parent of a ten-year-old boy who takes interest in bombs, guns and extreme activities then you should also see Marty who was facing the same problem. His wife cheated on her but he decides to keep the marriage alive by turning their husband-wife relationship into a partnership; where both partners work together to save their kids and at the same time deal with money laundering activities in a community resort-Ozark. They have enemies who are ready to take their lives and of course FBI who is investigating the murder of Marty- financial partner. So, in simple words, a life of Marty is total upside down. Do you like to watch this criminal tv show on Netflix? I am sure you would.

What Can You Watch On Netflix Ozark New Tv Series 2018

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3.Orange Is the New Black

Do you ever imagine a life in prison could be so complicated? I am sure you think of it as a very bad situation where you can’t go out and meet with your friends and have fun. But Orange is the new black series will completely surprise you with the new twist, unusual stories, creepy friends and prison mafia. An innocent girl who does a job in an office has no idea what a prison can do to her. Same happens to Piper Chapman. This Netflix original series brings Piper into a prison world where Orange suits have great power. She has to adjust in the environment and try to either surrender or has to fight back. She decides to fight back and becomes one of the influencers. Now you know what you can watch on Netflix in free time? Isn’t it?

Orange Is The New Black Dark Prison Drama To Watch On Netflix

4. Lucifer

Man is not the only creature who takes interest in wine and woman. You must like to Meet Lucifer- a fallen angel. He is not ready to follow a rule of Hell, so he comes into the human world where he attracts women with his charismatic personality. But his life story changed when a murder happens outside a nightclub as this incident awakes his soul and feeling like sympathy. Another surprise comes to him in the form of a homicide detective named Chloe who is a girl with a good heart. Lucifer used to see the worst side of humanity but when he met Chloe, very first time in million years he started thinking that there is some hope still alive for his wandering soul. This fun-packed series has a lot more amazing thing to show, so add it to your watch-list.

Lucifer Tv Series To Watch On Netflix New

5. Sacred Games

Mumbai is a big city of Indian but this city is full of crime and corruption, not only millions of job opportunity. You will see a dark side of this city right from this Netflix original tv show. It is a story of a Police office Sartaj Singh whose life changes when he receives an anonymous tip about the location of criminal overlord Ganesh Gaitonde. He tries to unlock the story of this crime but his top officers removed him from the case. But he thinks that this case could change his career, so he starts investigating Gaitonde case own his own. During the course of his investigation, he uncovers many surprising stories of underworld corruption and many crimes committed by Gaitonde over the course of years. How he became an un-touch Criminal mastermind and lord. This story is quite engaging and full-of-fun.

Sacred Games What You Can Watch On Netflix Indian Mumbai Show Crime Drama

Now you know what you can watch on Netflix in your free time and grab some entertainment into your life. Do you like some specific tv series? Feel free to ask about them, I would like to make a list according to your taste.

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