16 Best TV Shows like Jane the Virgin Make you Laugh Nonstop

Jane the Virgin is one of my favorite comedy tv series. Once I ended up its first season, I was searching for the shows like Jane the Virgin. This search helps me explore some series which are similar to JTV in terms of plots, thrill, hilarious jokes and romance. So, I have decided to share the list with you guys. Let’s check out what I have for you. I must clear at this point is that these tv series have different stories and themes but when you need same fun as Jane offers you then definitely you can add them into your watch list.

16 Shows Like Jane The Virgin List

16 Best TV Shows Like Jane The Virgin which Make you Laugh Nonstop

1.Crazy Ex-Girl Friend

Nothing is more unpredictable than a crazy girlfriend who is still in love with her ex and ready to give up anything for her love. Normally, we all know that love is blind but once you watch this tv show you will come to know that love is damn crazy.

Crazy Exgirl Friend What Shows To Watch After Jane The Virgin On Netflix

  1. Devious Maids

You would take an entry into different homes with maids with some really funny attitudes. These maids are not the helpers but they behave more like home owners. It is one of the most popular comedy tv shows you can ever enjoy. It brings murder, mystery, fun, romance, and drama at the same time.

Devious Maids Shows Like Jane The Virgin

  1. Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

The title of the show has already convinced you to watch the first episode of this funniest tv show. But once you watch its first episode you can’t go away easily from its charm. This American Comedy-drama tv series. If you want to go for Divorce then you should take advice from Abby McCarthy- she has brilliant mind and funny ways to find a solution of your problem. It is a show to watch after Jane the Virgin.

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce What To Watch After Jane The Virgin Funny Show

  1. Hindsight

It is another similar show to Jane the Virgin where a girl Becca gets a second chance to change the decision she made her in the past.This time she will try to make all thing right and take right decision along with her best friend Lolly. What you would like to change if you wake up in your past?

Hindsight Funny Tv Series To Watch After Jane The Virgin

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  1. Orange is the New Black

This drama will let you enjoy the struggle of Piper Chapman who is trying to adjust in the prison. She makes some new friends and has to deal with many enemies. It is among the most recommended funniest tv shows to watch on Netflix.  When you don’t know what to watch after Jane the Virgin then I will suggest you to play this show on Netflix.

Orange Is The New Black Funny Shows Like Jane The Virgin

  1. New Girl

It is one of my favorite comedy tv show. Four people share an apartment. A girl named Jess recently broke up and search for a new place. She starts living with three boys where every boy has different style and behavior. One is crazy, another is practical and third is indecisive. This triangle of crazy people turns into a square by Jess Entry who becomes the focal point of hilarious drama later. New Girl is one of the best shows like Jane the Virgin.

New Girl Shows Like Jane The Virgin On Netflix Uk

  1. The Class

What if you meet with your third class classmates after 20 years. A lot of things and events have happened. Same happened to the character of this series. They have to catch up with one another and at the same deal with their upside-down kind of life.

The Class Tv Show 90s Funny Tv Series Just Like Jane The Virgin

  1. Community

We all think that community college is so boring and there is little or no fun. But a group of college students at Greendale community college are going to prove you wrongs with their pranks, stunts and funny acts.

Yahoo Original Community Tv Series To Watch After Jane The Virgin Comedy Tv Show

  1. Younger tv series

Liza is a single mother who at the age of 40 gets a makeover and looks like 26 years old. She starts her career and keeps the secret of her age. But things fall down one by one when she makes friends at a job.

Younger Tv Series To Watch After Jane The Virgin

  1. Trophy Wife

Are you ready to see the most entertaining drama performed by a Trophy Wife? Certainly, you have to look at Kate who married to a man who has two ex-wives and three children. Kate has to deal with his wife and take care of his children and all this is not so easy to handle for a party girl. What is a trophy wife?

Trophy Wife Comedy Shows Like Jane The Virgin Netflix

11.Chasing Life

April is a 20 something ambitious girl who wants to exceed in her career but she found out about her cancer. She has to beat the disease while chasing her personal and professional dreams. It is a heart-touching story with some fun elements in it.

Chasing Life Best Tv Shows To Watch Like Jane The Virgin

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy has found a way to get rid of a Cult, now she has to work really hard to adjust in New York.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Funny Shows Like Jane The Virgin

  1. Manhattan Love Story

Men and women have different thoughts about different life aspects. However, when a man is set up by a family with a woman then there are a lot of things which has to be handled. This American comedy tv show has its own ups and downs and of course funny moments which make you laugh for hours.

Manhattan Love Story Similar Tv Series Jane The Virgin Hilarious Tv Shows

  1. Young and Hungry

Gabi is a Young Food Blogger who is looking for a job. When she finds out that a wealthy entrepreneur is looking for his house chef, she goes for this opportunity. But she has to prove herself to Josh’s aide. She takes help from Josh’s housekeeper and her friend just to make the most from this opportunity. You should watch this American comedy tv series whose fifth season has started in 2018.

Young And Hungry American Telenovela Like Jane The Virgin

  1. Juana la Virgine

The story of this tv show is like Jane the Virgin. Juana is young student of photography who is living with her parents and dealing with life problem. She gets pregnant due to artificial insemination due to hospital error. Although stories are same but it is nothing like Jane the Virgin expect the storylines. Jane is a Hilarious girl while Juana is ambitious. But it is indeed one of the similar shows like Jane the Virgin.

Juana La Virgen Tv Series Like Jane The Virgin

  1. Jane by design

If you like fashion and fun side by side then you have to watch this tv series which revolves around Jane Quimby. She is a fashionista who is working with high profile people and keeping her real age hidden. People around her think that she is old while in reality, she is really young.

Jane By Design Similar Tv Shows Like Jane By Virgin

Watch these shows like Jane the Virgin and share your opinion with us. If you have an idea about a tv series which is similar to JTV then you can mention it in the comment below, so I can recommend it to my readers.


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