The Queen’s Gambit Review – Inspirational Beauty and the Brain TV Show on Netflix

The Queen’s Gambit is going to change the way people take Chess. According to Masters, this series will revive people’s interest in Chess, and I couldn’t agree more. In this era, where people are running toward digital video games and technologies.

Series like Queen’s Gambit makes you think about a classic board game- Chess, which requires you to think twice or thrice before making your first move. However, Queen’s fans aren’t just talking about how she portrays a strong woman character in a male dominating game. Fashionistas are talking all about her outfits, her makeup, and of course, her hairstyles. 

Queens Gambit Season 1 Review

Fashionista Side of Queen’s Gambit

Being a girl, I would prefer to talk about some bright side of this TV series. I get impressed by her hairstyles. These cute red-headed girls with fascinating short curls make you give your next hairstyle idea. As far as outfits are concerned. You notice that her wardrobe portrays her passion for Chess. 

Queens Gambit Fashion Dresses Ideas

Black and white was a common theme. For every significant game and match, she picked angles and lines with black-white. 

In the last episodes of The Queen’s Gambit Season 1, She wore white, and her dress depicts the game’s ending. That she turns into “The Queen.” After winning the last match against Vasily Borgov in his hometown “Russia/Moscow,” she becomes “The Queen of Chess.”

I want to share some best outfits from this TV series so that you get a hint of why fashion divas love Anya Taylor’s Joy.

How to Watch The Queen’s Gambit Season 1?

You can stream it on Netflix but keep my tips in mind while exploring this gem.

 If you are planning to binge-watch this series, I would suggest you don’t do that. You need to watch the first or second episode and then take a break. Why? Try to breathe in with this orphan girl who has been going through a lot yet still figuring out the real purpose of her life. 

However, here is a list of some other Binge-Watch TV shows

She is an Orphan – It’s a lot to handle for any human being.

Queens Gambit Young Queen Beth Janitor Learning Chess

She doesn’t feel the world around her but Chess boards- Thanks to pills. 

And she is trying to learn- from Janitor.

This fascinating character would leave you in Aww for some moments. So, don’t rush with watching Queen’s Gambit on Netflix in one day. You won’t be fair if you do that.

There are some lessons, especially for those who have to live alone in their lives. 

Yes, it is tough to live all by yourself. 

So, try to get stronger as Harmon does. Sometimes, we go into the darkness as she did. Nothing around us has any meaning, even when we are at the peak stage of our lives. That time or week that she spent sleeping in one cloth and drinking all day helps you recall those times when you lapse.

But in the end, you need to get out of that darkness and step in the light.

The Scenes I loved about The Queen’s Gambit.

The best scene of the Queen’s Gambit is when she gets a call from Benny and finds out that a full gang of her friends is figuring out her game’s different angles. I think that’s the best scene. It makes you cry that you are not alone. You have friends who are ready to come forward. Who wants to contribute to your success?

Pills and alcohol might help you feel less about your bad life. But we human beings need connection in the end, and that’s what you love about this series. 

Another great scene was when Beth hears the voice of her lost “Love” Townes. He comes, and she hugs her. That’s the best hug, of course.

Queens Gambit Love Of Beth

Beauty Vs. Talent -What’s Matter the most?

In the second last episode of The Queen’s Gambit, there is a scene where Beth sits with Benny’s friend. As Beth got impressed with Paris and its lifestyle, she believes it would be easier to settle there. At that time, Benny’s friend says that Paris and its girls have beauty, but they miss one thing that Beth has: “Talent,” and those lines are noteworthy.


Beauty matters, but it doesn’t last in the world. If you want to earn fame and fame, then you must have the talent to survive. Many dialogues of the series make you wonder about life. Some dialogues from Beth’s birth mother are also worth noting in your diary because they are based on real-life experiences. They are gems that help you deal with life quickly.

Five Things I Liked about The Queen’s Gambit

In reality, this top-rated Netflix TV show has many great things, but I would like to talk about only five. Indeed, I don’t want to bore you.

Well-Written Success Story

At the start, you meet a girl who becomes an orphan and is in the wrong place. However, she chose not to stay in the dark mode and find out her hidden talent, and from there, she turns into a Phoenix who rises from ashes and stuns everyone around.

If you need inspiration for your life, you should watch The Queen’s Gambit because it will show you how to survive in the worst time and do something best for your life. 

Friendship Matters the Most

In the last episode, when Jolene comes and helps her friend Harmon. I don’t think anyone was expecting that. But she believes in her, just like that Janitor who lent her money for the first game.

Queens Gambit Friends Of Beth

Sometimes, you underestimate yourself. You forget how much your value is. When people around you like your family and friends motivate you and push you, you can achieve big things.

I admire the friendship aspects that you have seen in this Netflix TV series. You can relate to it because I sure can.

Queens Gambit Friends Jolene Beth

Mind Blowing Wardrobe 

A girl can fall in love with the dresses she explores in that series. The thing is, you can’t just see Chess on the board, but some shades like black and white are so apparent in Harmon’s persona, and that’s what you appreciate the most.

Best Fashion Outfit Of Queens Gambit

Chess – A Mind Game

I like mind games. I want to come up with moves that can surprise others. I didn’t play Chess much, but whatever time I spent on this board helped me sharpen my creative skills. I’m not the only one who thinks that this powerful TV show will make people take this game seriously. Many Grandmasters are expecting the same. Who knows, someday you play a big life tournament like Beth in Russia?

Strong Woman Image 

If you watch this series, you see that Beth has handled it all in the male-dominating game and world. And this thing gives you more power and motivation. No doubt, it’s tough to survive in the male-world. However, it’s not an impossible thing.

However, you need to understand that she doesn’t have a romantic relationship—just a few one-night stands. However, what she had was support from males. A Janitor told her basic chess tricks in her childhood.

Benny spent weeks with her, where she explored many secret tips and tricks.

Then there was Harry, who pointed out that she needs help ( though she didn’t consider that), but he cared about her until the show’s end. 

I guess you shouldn’t overlook the fact that men’s support also matters. 

You can’t just say that she survived on her own. She did a great job, but people were there to help her: the mother, her friends, and the Janitor (the most).

And it’s what happens in the real world. The concept of women empowerment is a bit cloudy in the mind of today’s women. Yes, you might not need a partner; you can survive without that. But still, you need some honest people at your side.

Is the Queen’s Gambit a True Story?

After watching this Tv series, you start wondering whether this show is based on a real-life story. You think that because this series is very much detailed. The character is strong, and you believe that once there was a Beth Harmon.

Although I wanted to believe the same way, this character is pure fiction and based on 1983 The Queen’s Gambit Novel by Walter Tevis. 

This story will become The Master’ Piece of Walter given the name and fame this character got.

Will there be Season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit?

It has 8.8/10 ratings on IMDb, and indeed the show deserves more than that. So, if you ask me, will there be a second season of the show? I will say, of course. I know you won’t like to take that from me.  Check 41 Top Rated Award Winning TV Shows list

Final Game Of Queens Gambit Beth Won From Borgov

According to the Director, they leave the show on a good note.  And Beth thinks that she left character at the right place; we should leave it there. 

So, the answer is not a “NO.”

Yes, there is a possibility of a second season, but the story’s continuation would take some time.

So, till then, enjoy every bit of The Queen’s Gambit Season 1. 


What do You think about the Queen’s Gambit?

If you haven’t watched The Queen’s Gambit, you are missing such a fascinating deal. From the darkness of life to the limelight, this show has a lot to share with you. So, don’t miss it.

And yes, once you watched it, please tell me what you adore about this tv series.

See you.

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