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The Passage is a new American Thriller drama which you can watch on Fox. This drama revolves around a secret medical facility where scientists are testing dangerous virus on human beings with an intention to fire cure for all disease. Today, I would like to provide The Passage Review to my readers. I watched this drama after checking its high rating on imdb and I never regret watching this thriller tv series. Now I will tell you what I like about this scientifically created vampire drama and what I don’t like. So, before watching this series, you have an idea about the show.  Shall we begin?

The Passage Release Date Cast

Storylines- The Passage

This American Thriller series is set in a medical facility where scientist are working on a very dangerous virus. They are using human beings as guinea pig ( which I definitely don’t like about the show). But again it is a sci-fi drama where you can mix fiction and science just to enhance the thrill. Anyways, scientists find out a vampire virus by accident when one of the crew member  ( Dr.Tim Fanning) get infected by a wild vampire’s bite. Dr. Jonas Lear is the best friend of Tim, so he decided to keep his friend alive instead of killing him as he turned into a vampire due to this infection.

This is when a federal government authorized a project named “Project Noah”. A team of scientist started injecting some other human beings with the virus – main source of which is the infected blood of Tim. Dr. Tim Fanning is named as Project Zero. The main purpose of this testing to get a cure for all human diseases. However, there is still some risk i.e. this virus has a potential to wipe out the human race.

The real problem begins when scientists failed to get the cure and they decided to test the virus on a child as he has great immunity power and more brain nerve cells. A Federal agent is sent to find a child for test purpose. Mark Paul Goselaar played role of federal agent named Brad Wolgast. He finds a 10 years old girl as a test subject. Saniyya Sydney played the role of little girl named Amy Bellafonte. Although agent find little girl whose parents have been died but later he decided to protect her from the Project Noah experiment. He doesn’t want his fellows to test little girl. So he becomes her surrogate father and so determined to protect the girl at his life’s cost.

But Project Noah retrieved the girl and scientists convinced Brad and Amy to do the test.  The test is in the process where existing 12 vampire starts a strike against medical facility and make a plan to run away and this is when an apocalypse begins.

The Passage Release Date : Season 1 released on 14 January, 2019.

Episodes: 10

The Passage Vampire Cult Tv Series

What I like about the Passage?

In the first episode, I saw how scientists are testing human beings for their experiments. I don’t like it but when I come to know about their main goal then everything makes sense. The story of Virals or vampire patients are quite interesting. You feel their stories from your heart. The storytelling style is quite appealing. The best story is Shauna babcock where you learned both dark and good sides of a young girl.

The connection of doctor with the patient is really good. You come to know that  doctors don’t consider patient as a test subject, they really feel for the patient. They don’t want to hurt them but again they don’t have any other choice.

Story of Brad is indeed heart-melting. The scene where his father get shot by a thief really made me cry for hours.  It is a fact that accidents happen in real life and you can’t avoid the consequences. Losing someone you love the most is a scar which can’t be filled; you start doing all those things which you normally don’t ever think of.

In Every episode of The Passage, you will explore a new story and then you start loving each and every character of the show. We are the people who judge other people when we see their one side. I also judged the scientists but after learning their stories, everything seems really fair.

I didn’t read the books of this Vampire cult tv series, so I can’t say whether Fox justified the writing concept in motion or not. But when I checked online and read reviews of all those people who read the books and then watched this supernatural tv show. They said that it is the first Fox drama which clear the concept of book and present it in a very amazing and fascinating way; I couldn’t agree more.

The pressure is really intense, especially when a patient leads to a point when he/she has to make a choice between death and vampire transformation.  This decision is really hard.  Vampire life is miserable in the glass cells while death comes with pain.  We think that these are only two options during the whole season until the end when there is a third option explored by Amy at the middle part of the tunnel.

The Passage Review

Don’t Miss

What I don’t like about The Passage?

Basically, it is an American thriller drama and mostly thriller are fast paced. But this one gets slow at many points. But you don’t mind it especially when its story-telling mode is on.

I basically don’t like the Tim Fanning – he is Villain and its okay to don’t like him. But I think in the Passage season 2,  writer will bring an amazing story of Tim so I can start loving this character. But So far I hate it when he knocks at the door in the dream and ask patients to make a choice: choose either death or turned into vampire.

When I started watching this sci-fi tv series on Fox, I don’t like the way scientist treat the vampires. I have soft corner for vampires. They are also half human being.

I don’t like the acting of Dr. Lila Kyle ( wife of Brad). She seems insensitive. When Brad is so hurt after losing his daughter, Lila seems very fine or okay to me. She is the mother and I don’t expect this kind of behavior from a mother. Not only this but in other episodes, she doesn’t look very involved in the character. Her expressions and performance is really bad from my point of view. I don’t know much about you.


Wrap Up

Now the question is whether you have to watch 10 episodes of The Passage Season 1 or not. I will say go and watch it now. It’s really fun to explore the medical facility where vampires are planning to escape and then start an apocalypse . World turned into the desert at the end. Did you ever  imagine end of the world? If not then  you should watch this American thriller tv show and see what really happens. How scientist fail in their war with virals or Vampires. Would you like to share your own The Passage review? Feel free to comment below.

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