41 Best Mary Elizabeth Winstead Movies and TV shows

People who have watched Passions – NBC soap opera always want to get complete list of Mary Elizabeth Winstead movies and tv shows. So, I decided to give them my helping hand. I’m sharing full list, so you can watch some other movies and tv shows where Mary showed her talent. In recent series, I admire her work in Tru Calling (2004). But I must say that I  like to watch her more in films than on tv series.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Movies And Tv Shows

Marry Elizabeth Winstead’s Sky High comedy film circles around superhero and you enjoy every second of it.  If you want to see her brilliant performance then you should watch Horror series Wolf Lake where she played the role of Scream Queen. Final Destination series is one of the best films you can watch, almost every film series of this franchise has terror, horror and thrill. Marry worked in Final Destination 3.

She enjoyed great success in her career due to her role as Lucy Gennero McClane in Live Free or Die Hard movie. Smashed was a great drama where she performed role of an alcoholic girl who is struggling in her life and bad choices.She was born on 28 November, 1984 ; age is 34 years old.

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Check 41 Best Mary Elizabeth Winstead Movies and TV shows list

It’s time to have a look at all of her great tv series and films which you can enjoy.

  1. Fargo (since 2014) TV show
  2. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World(2016)
  4. Sky high (2005)
  5. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
  6. Final Destination 3 (2006)
  7. All About Nina (2018)
  8. Death Proof (2007)
  9. The Thing (2011)
  10. A good Day to Die Hard (2013)
  11. Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter (2012)
  12. Kill the Messenger (2014)
  13. The Spectacular Now (2013)
  14. BrainDead (2016)
  15. Smashed (2012)
  16. The Returned (2015) drama
  17. Alex of Venice (2014)
  18. Make it Happen (2008)
  19. Mercy Street (2016-2017) TV show
  20. Swiss Army man (2016)
  21. C.O.D (2013)
  22. Birds of Prey (2020) upcoming movie
  23. The Ring Two (2005)
  24. Grind House (2007)
  25. Wolf Lake (since 2011) TV show
  26. The Hollars (2016)
  27. Factory Girl (2006)
  28. Passions (1999-2008) TV series
  29. A Glimpse inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (2012)
  30. Gemini Man (2019) upcoming movie
  31. Checking out (2005)
  32. Faults (2014)
  33. Monster Island (2004)
  34. Bobby (2006)
  35. Black Christmas (2006)
  36. Promised Land (1996-1999)
  37. The Parts You Lose
  38. The Long Road Home 1999
  39. So it Goes (2016)
  40. The beauty Inside (2012)
  41. Birds of Prey (And the Fabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) 2020 upcoming movie

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Upcoming Movies

You have got complete list of  Best Mary Elizabeth Winstead Movies and TV shows, now it’s your turn to tell me which of these movies or films you like the most. I enjoyed watching Ring Two, Passions TV series , and  Live Free or Die Hard.


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