35 Best Keke Palmer Movies and TV Shows

Keke Palmer is well-known American Actress and singer. Whether you like her songs or acting skill, you should know about the best Keke Palmer movies and tv shows. She is indeed a wonderful singer but at the same time she has done great job in some films and tv series. I’m sure you would like to know more about her. So, let’s check out the detail below.

Keke Palmer Movies List

Keke Palmer introduction

Lauren Keyana Palmer is popularly known as Keke Palmer. She was born on 26 August , 1993. This 25 years old American actress, singer , presenter and song writer was born in Harvey, Illinois and raised in Robbins, Illinois. Keke Palmer Parents are Larry Palmer and Sharon Palmer.

She made her film debut in 2004 , her first movie was Barberhop 2: Back in Business. After that film, she moved to California in pursuit of her acting career.

As far as first music album is concerned, it was named as So Uncool and she presented it in 2007. This album didn’t enjoy great success in Billboard 200 but it got its space at number 85 on the R&B chart. She presented a single “Keep It Movin” after this album.

If we talk about one film that has boosted up her name and offered the mainstream recoginition, then it is her role in Akeelah and the Bee and also Madea’s Family Reunion.

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35 Fantastic Keke Palmer Movies and TV shows

Keke is a famous Television star, she got lead roles in Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP. She earned $20,000 per episode of this show. This salary made her fourth-highest paid child star on TV.  Another tv show which you shouldn’t miss is Scream queens. This horror-camp TV show has an amazing story with strong actor and actress, you must watch it on Fox Network.

Keke Palmer Movies And Tv Shows

  1. Akeelah and the Bee (2006)
  2. True Jackson , VP (2008-2011) TV show
  3. Rags (2012)
  4. Joyful Noise (2012)
  5. The Longshots (2008)
  6. Scream Queen (2015-2016)
  7. Pimp (2018)
  8. Berlin Station (since 2016)
  9. Madea Family’s Reunion (2006)
  10. Brotherly Love (2015)
  11. Jump In ! (2007)
  12. Ice Age : Continental Drift (2012)
  13. Crazy Sexy Cool : The TLC Story (2013)
  14. Scream (since 2015) TV show
  15. Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (2007-2012)
  16. Ice Age : Collision course (2016)
  17. The Wool Cap (2004)
  18. Abducted : The Carlina White Story (2012)
  19. Shrink (2009)
  20. Imperial Dreams (2014)
  21. Cleaner (2007)
  22. Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004)
  23. Animal (2014)
  24. Grease : Live (2016)
  25. The Trip to Bountiful (2014)
  26. Knights of the South Bronx (2005)
  27. Just Keke (2014)
  28. Unstable Fables : Tortoise Vs. Hare (2008)
  29. Winx Club : Enchantix ( since 2011) TV show
  30. Winx Club : The Secret of Lost Kingdom (2007)
  31. Ice age : The Great Egg Scapade (2016)
  32. Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure (2010)
  33. 7 Secrets (2010)
  34. Keke and Jamal (since 2016) tv show
  35. Square Roots: The Story of SpongeBob SquarPants (2009)

Let’s talk about recommendations. You should watch Just Keke , 7 Secrets,  and shrink. True Jackson , VP is one of the best tv show from the list of Keke Palmer movies and tv shows. If you like horror then you would also enjoy watching Scream Queens.

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