Why Insatiable TV Series Got so many Negative reviews?

I just ended the first season of Insatiable tv series. My friends recommend this series by saying that this series would be made you laugh harder. No doubt, they were right about all this. But another reason for watching this show is its too many negative reviews. I thought that Insatiable tv series season 2 won’t come given its negative ratings and remarks but this series is renewed for the second season. I am going to share some facts along with my personal review of the show. Hope you would enjoy it and also share your own viewpoints.Fat Shamming Tv Series Insatiable New Netflix Shows 2018

What is a story?

This show revolves around a fat girl named Patty who was overweight for years. Her weight makes her a victim of bullying. She got ignored many times in different ways. People underestimated her skills and kept her at the side of life stage. An accident becomes a reason for her immediate weight loss. Now she is thin but wants revenge from all those people who made her feel bad about her. She had been rejected by people only because of her figure. So, now she has time to pay them back in a way she likes.

Bob Armstrong is another character of Insatiable TV series, he is a disgraced attorney with a passion for coaching beauty contestant of a show. He is one of the first people who see the spark in Patty and guide her to become a pageant contestant. He wants her to get success in the contest. But he and his wife “Coralee” has no idea what’s really going on in the mind of Patty and what extent she can go to get the revenge from all those who hurt her.

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Why It got so many Negative Reviews?

Patty got many negative reviews. Some people think she is overreacting. Another bad thing that this series has damaging dialogues. While they are many who really do n’t like the way she started to thinking of revenge. Even the way she loses her weight is another controversy. People say that this new Netflix tv show has a bad impact overall. A fat girl is just like other girls, yes she has been treated badly for years but taking a revenge and going far with this isn’t the right approach.

Fatty Patty Insatiable Tv Series Season 2 Renewed
Critics summarized the story of Insatiable tv series as “fat Cinderella’s weight-loss story meets Heathers” Some named it as a fat-shaming show. No doubt, these names are totally perfect but we should see other sides of a story as well. Getting angry at a fat girl and her impulsive angry action doesn’t see great. Even a petition of 100,0000 people is filed to stop broadcasting of this show.

Insatiable Rotten Tomatoes rating is too low only 10 percent
IMDb rating: 6.7/10

Why I am giving the Positive review of Insatiable tv series?

I have a fat sister who has been treated badly by many people. People call her “Fat Doll” and for reason, she has to be a laughing stock for other people. I really don’t like this. The way people talk to fat girls and think that they can’t do anything well and some dresses are not designed for them is simply the worst scenario. No one has to judge another person on the basis of body weight. So, when I watched this show, I feel relatable. But I must admit that Patty overreacted many times.
Getting Revenge for bad treatment isn’t the right approach and one must not convey this kind of message to the world. It is unhealthy and more damaging.

Insatiable Tv Series Review New Netflix Shows With Controvery
The message one must give to the society is to accept the girl as they are. If a girl is overweight then it’s not her fault at all. Same is true for underweight girls. They can do something for sure to control this situation. But giving judgment on this base is indeed a right approach. Our society has to understand the pain a person experience from bad remarks.

But Patty wears the fat suit and she doesn’t portray the exact picture of a girl. But it is a demand of her role. I have mixed feeling about that girl but I must say that a story could be better. What you like the most in this tv series is the jokes and impulsive control issue of a patty. I laugh harder many times. This new Netflix tv show 2018 is the shining gem of black comedy and you should explore this gem.

When Insatiable TV series Season 2 will come?

This new Netflix tv series brought many viewers to Netflix. So, network ignored its negative feedback and renewed it for season 2. As we all know, a network is concerned about the viewership which adds money into the pocket. You will be able to watch it next year. Info source 

Insatiable Tv Series Netflix Controversial Series Dark Comedy

Wrap up

Don’t ignore Insatiable tv series just because it has so many negative reviews. I will suggest you watch the show and come up with your own viewpoint. I would like to know what you have in your mind.

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