10 Amazing Hannah John Kamen Movies and TV shows

Looking for popular Hannah John-Kamen movies and tv shows? I have compiled a complete list which you can use to enjoy the brilliant performance of this cute British actress. She was born on 7 September 1989 in Anlaby, United Kingdom. Hannah John-Kamen age is only 29 years. People start to know her because of her performance in Killjoys. In case you like this tv show then you should watch some other shows and movies where she played amazing roles.

Hannah John-Kamen movies List

Ant-man and Wasp ( 2018)

If you like superheroes then you should watch this superhero film that brings ant-man and wasp together on a mission. Hannah played Ghost role in this film.

IMDb rating: 7.2/10

Antman And Wasp Hannah John Kamen Movies And Tv Shows Ghost Actress

Ready Player One (2018)

This science-fiction thriller film set in 2045 where world collapse and people found salvation in Virtual reality universe. Hannah plays the role of “F’Nale Zandor”.

IMDb rating: 7.5/10

Ready Player One Fnale Zandor Hannah John Kamen Movies

Tomb Raider ( 2018)

It is a story of Lara Croft who is a fearless girl want to solve the mystery of her father disappearance.  Hannah plays sophie role in this film. You would enjoy performance of Lara who has blind faith and quite stubborn when it comes to finding something she really needs.

IMDb rating: 6.4/10

Tomb Raider Sophie Hannah John Kamen Best Films To Watch 2018

Noah’s Ark

It is a storytelling style film which is based on a classic tale of Noah’s Ark.  This film has combo elements of this storylines from both the Quran and Bible. You will enjoy the story of Faith and love.

Noah Ark Best Hannah Films To Watch

The Ark ( since 2015)

It is a famous BBC program where they retell the story of Noah’s Ark.

IMDb rating: 4.8/10

The Ark Hannah John Kamen

Hannah John-Kamen Tv shows List

Here are some tv series which you would like to watch just in case you want to see the brilliant performance of a charming British girl.

Killjoys ( since 2015)

Hannah becomes famous due to her role in this popular tv show on Space Network. You will meet a trio of bounty hunters who are named as Killjoys.Mutiple planets are on a violent class war and Killjoys chases deadly warrants through the Quad. Dutch is a top-level Killjoy who knows how to win people’s trust, no matter which class they belong to. Kindhearted John is a real peacemaker who tries to avoid fight. Soldier D’avin has excellent combat skills and therefore he is quite valuable asset in the team.

IMDb rating: 7.2/10

Killjoys Season 1

Black Mirror ( since 2011)

It is one of the most popular British tv series with high reviews and rating. Each episode brings a new drama.  This science fiction tv series has different topics and character in every episode.  This modern world drama also stares Hanna Jon-Kamen as Selma Telse in an episode. You should watch this Hannah John-Kamel top rated shows. It is also among the 41 best tv shows 2018.

  • IMDb rating: 8.9/10
  • 4 Seasons, 19 Episodes

Hannah John Kamen The Black Mirror Tv Series

Banana ( 2015)

It is one of the popular Gay tv shows you may like to watch. This eight stand-alone episodes let you explore different stories and aspects of LGBT life. There are several characters with their own stories and life problems.

  • IMDb rating: 7.1/10
  • Total Episodes: 8, only one season

Hannah John Kamen Funny Tv Show Banana To Watch


The Tunnel

It is a British-French Crime drama tv series based on Swedish Series “The Bridge”. It features British and French detectives. The investigation starts when a French Politician found dead inside the Channel tunnel. The complex-cross channel investigations are worth-watching. Don’t miss some amazing crime tv series.

The Tunnel Hannah John Kamen Best Tv Series

Cucumber and Banana ( 2015)

If you are interested in modern gay tv shows then you should watch Cucumber and Banana. This 8 episode drama let you explore gay lifestyle.  The story revolves around middle-aged Henry who recently broke up and starts enjoying his newly single lifestyle. You will be able to know more about LGBT community through this series.

  • IMDb rating: 7.9/10
  • Total Episodes: 8, only one season

Cucumber And Banana Gay Tv Series To Watch

You have got a list of Hannah John-Kamen Movies and TV Shows. Now what show you like to watch first?


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