5 Great TV shows to Watch in 2018

It happens many times that you get some time free from your busy life and start searching for great tv shows to watch. You don’t have much time to do a thorough search and therefore you go with the friend’s recommendation, or simply with a show that has a good cover or interesting story. I also did the same but now after watching tv shows for more than 10 years, I am in a position to recommend you some great tv series that can really add entertainment and fun into your life.

  1. The Vampire Diaries (  love and relation with Vampires)

If you are inspired from Twilight kind of Vampire-human love story then you have to dig down deeper into Vampire Diaries. It is among the popular CW TV shows. This story revolves around Elena, Demon Salvatore, and Stefan Salvatore. The story starts when Elena Gilbert and her brother-Jeremy Gilbert try to get out of grief caused by the death of their parents in a car accident. Elena comes back to school and tries to stay on track but it’s not easy. She meets with Stefan Salvatore, her classmate who is a vampire.

The Vampire Diaries Great Tv Series To Watch Online


Later Stefan falls in love with Elena and here is when the real story starts. But this vampire tv show is not about Elena and Stefan; there is a twist named as Demon Salvatore who is the real heart of this whole story. I can’t say more but only this “It is a story of sweet love, relationship, and survival”. Go and enjoy it.
Total seasons:8

2. How to Get Away with Murder

Do you like lawyers, crime and thrill? Then all ingredients are combined into How to Get Away with Murder. These series guide you how you can live a happy life and get away from a murder smartly. But of course, you don’t have to follow in the footsteps of Annalise Keatings and her club. This legal tv show has everything from love to betray, from dark depression to relaxation, from death to life. This series has won many awards.

how To Get Away With Murder Award Winning Tv Series To Watch

  • GLAAD Media Awards (2015) as Outstanding Drama series
  • ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards as “Top Television series in 2015”
  • This tv series won AFI Awards, USA as “TV program of the year” in 2015.
  • African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) as “Best TV drama in 2015”
  • Viola Davis (Annalise Keatings) Won Screen Actors Guild Awards as Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series in 2015 and 2016
  • Viola Davis also won Primetime Emmy Awards in 2015 as “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series”
  • She won two times Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2015 and 2016 as “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series”


Now I am sure you will like to watch this award-winning series which brings killer entertainment for you. The story encircles Annalise Keatings who is a charming defense law teacher and also a criminal defense attorney. She teaches a class named “How to get away with Murder” and selects a group of bright students to work on real-life cases with her. She invites her student in her firm which is run by her alongside two loyal colleagues Frank and Bonnie. Every season involves a murder and it is fun seeing all characters get involved in the murder and then how they get away from it. This American drama tv series started in 2014. You can watch how to get away with murder season 5 in 2018. Every season has some thrill of its kind which is kinda addicted and you won’t like to get away from this series anytime soon.it is one of the great tv series to watch and have fun.

3. White Collar , FBI TV Series

It is among the most popular tv shows. When you like crime which doesn’t have a dark side but a lot of fun then you should consider watching white collar. It is a story of renowned Criminal Neal Caffrey who joins hand with FBI Agent Burke. Unlike other criminal tv series which are violent and dark, this show has a lot of twist and thrill. You enjoy the intelligent skills and thorough observation of Con-man Neal Caffrey who helps Burke to solve art theft scams and cases.

Great Tv Shows To Watch White Collar Criminal Tv Series

At the start of series, Neal escaped from the maximum security prison and Burke is the only guy who knows how to find Neal since he has found him already two times; whenever he tried to escape.

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But this time things are different for Neal as he turns out to be an FBI consultant, he works with his best friend –mozzie and tries to make himself useful for FBI just to get his free-life pass from prison. I must say that you will enjoy every episode and every case of white collar. This series has total six season and 81 episodes. You will enjoy funny and friendly nature of Neal and at the same time, you would love the chemistry of Burke and his wife Elizabeth.

4. Arrow ( Superhero TV Show)

Normally we think that the life of a billionaire is full of joy and fun but Arrow will prove you wrong. It is a story of superhero-Arrow (Oliver Queen) who is a vigilante and tries to save his city from the imminent threats and criminals through the skills he learned from an island. He presumed dead but he came back to his city alive after five years living on a stranded remote island in Pacific. Oliver hides his skills and experience and tries to reconcile with his ex, Laurel.

Arrow Popular Tv Shows On Cw High Rated

For the world, he is still a billionaire but in reality, he turns into a vigilante who has to handle a lot of missions of real life. It is the great tv shows to watch in 2018. Arrow Season 7 is currently airing these days but you won’t understand Oliver unless you start from its first season. Check the survival story on the island and real-life superhero in the modern city. You won’t stop praising the green hood guy. It is one of the top-rated TV shows on CW.

5.Once upon a time ( Fairy tales Legend Real world Meet up)

We all believe in fairy tales, stories of queen and king. But do you want to see fairy tale legends in the modern world? If the answer is yes then Once upon a time is a series which let you go beyond your imagination. You will meet snow-white, Huntsman, Evil Queen and many other fairy tale characters. Elsa and Anna are also there in this amazing tv series of all time. There is no need to tell your kids fairy tale anymore when you can ask them to watch all these characters for real in this popular tv show. Every episode has a great story and every story has a chic character.

Once Upon A Time Fairy Tale Great Tv Series To Watch 2018

Now you have a list of 5 great tv shows to watch  and bring fun back into your life. Do you want to add some more shows to the list? Comment below and I will check them out.

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