Canceled TV Shows 2018 List -The Deuce, Big Bang Theory and many others

It’s time to say goodbye to your favorite shows and some new shows 2018 which won’t have any future in 2019. I have made a list of Canceled tv shows 2018. Check out this series and let me know if there is any show which you might not expect to get canceled but due to low rating and views it won’t get enough space. Almost 80 shows have been canceled in 2018, many of them are my favorites.

Cancelled Tv Shows List 2018

1.Deception ( Season 1)

The concept of this tv series is much like “White Collar” but stars really did a great job.

2.Quantico ( Season 3)

I like this show because it includes FBI agents and normally I follow the action pack series like this. But this show has lost its magical rhythm and you won’t see it anymore.

3. Crazy Ex-Girl Friend

No more craziness of an ex-girl will be there to entertain you next year.

4.The Crossing ( Season 1)

I like this war series where stars escape from a war tearing country to America and then they came to know that the war never happened. This American thriller series has an interesting story but unfortunately, it has to come into the list of Canceled tv series 2018 list.

5. Ash vs Evil Dead ( Season 3)

If you are searching for Ash vs Evil Dead season 4 then you should know that this series is canceled and you won’t watch it anymore. Ash William is no doubt a role of lifetime, but don’t worry you will enjoy some new tv shows on Netflix 2018.

6. Superior Donuts (Season 2)

This CBS Tv series is indeed a good sitcom which shed light on important social issues. But now its discontinued  and it means you won’t be able to enjoy donuts anymore.

7.Once Upon a Time (Season 7)

This story helps me meet with fantasy legends. But there is no more stories left to tell you guys.

8.Alex, Inc (Season 1)

ABC has decided to cancel Alex , Inc season 2. Before you leave your job, you should know about the real struggle of Alex in this tv series.

9.Marvel Inhumans  ( Season 1)

There is no more Marvel inhumans in 2019. You have meet with enough in first season, I think.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 5)

This series is canceled by Fox but now its picked by NBC let’s see what new it brings for us.

11.Ten Days in the Valley (  Season 1)

This tv series has sweet characters and story but it won’t see sunshine in 2019.

12.The Brave ( Season 1)

I basically like the way its main star performed. However, the story wasn’t so brilliant and people don’t like it much.

13. 9JKL ( Season 1)

I am going to miss this comedy tv series because its characters really won my heart. They made me laugh hard, I can’t do much just to watch it again.

14.Scorpi0n (Season 4)

The fans of Scorpions won’t be happy about this decision made by CBS for sure.

15.Me, Myself and I (Season 1)

If you want to take an idea about Alex’ past, present and future lives then this show will have great stories to offer you.

16.Living Biblically ( Season 1)

Losing a best friend is not easy and it can change your life, same happens to Chip Curry who want to live better and spend a moral life. But you won’t see him anymore.

17.Lucifer ( Season 3)

I am sure you will feel depressed to read this that you can’t watch Lucifer anymore on Fox. But I have a good news that Netflix will bring Lucifer Season 4. That’s amazing.

18.Lady Dynamite ( Season 2)

Netflix has canceled this funny tv series because of its less rating in 2018.

19.Mozart in the Jungle (Season 4)

Amazon has decided to cancel this amazing jungle show. I really cove its powerful story and characters, though.

20. Everything Sucks ( Season 1)

I don’t like this show personally because I think teen girl and boy overreacted many times. So,  I am happy to see it in the list of tv shows canceled 2018.

21. Kevin Can Wait ( Season 2)

CBS has put an end to Kevin show. I think kevil explored his enough life struggles and secrets. What you think?

22.The Last Ship ( Season 5)

You will see final season of this TNT tv series this year. No more episode will come in 2019.

23. Jane the Virgin ( Season 5)

I like the acting of Jane and her family but I also think that this show missed its main story and becomes more complicated. No matter what the reason is, it fall under the category of 2018 canceled tv shows.

24. Hap and Leonard ( season 3)

You won’t be able to watch this treasure hunt anymore. Say Goodbye.

25.Code Black (Season 3)

CBS has canceled the show. It is one of my favorite medical tv series which let me explore emergency rooms , stress situation and surgeries.

26. Ghosted (Season 1)

If you believe alien exists and ready to deal with paranormal phenomenon then this series might feel interesting to you. But I don’t enjoy it much.

27. Famous in Love (Season 2)

It seems like this love base story doesn’t get fame it requires to enjoy renewal for next season in 2019.

28. Shades of Blue (Season 3)

I like the performance of its stars and action drama in it. However, I must say story loses its value over time.

29. Shadowhunter ( Season 3)

People who like witches and vampire tv shows would surely miss the shadows.

30. The Jerry Springer Show (Season 27)

This Tabloid talk show on NBC has been canceled because The Jerry has a new show already.  This show started in 1991 and ended in July 2018 with more than 3981+ episodes. Epic!

31.People of Earth ( season 2)

If you like or believe in alien concept or existence then you will see a fun side of this concept in this comedy American tv series.

32. Colony ( Season 3)

I am sure you are going to miss the brilliant performance and powerful story of protecting a family. Because I will miss it for sure.

33. One Mississippi ( Season 2)

Amazon has canceled this tv show in 2018 and you won’t see it anymore. Bad news for its fan, indeed.

34. Here and Now ( Season 1)

This HBO tv series doesn’t get the rating it deserve, so its life gone pretty short.

35. The Librarians ( Season 4)

No more magic is coming in library in 2019, so don’t expect anything from TNT.

36. The Mick ( Season 2)

If you really want to grab some fun and entertainment then Mick has a lot to offer you. But I am really sad to see in the list of Canceled tv shows 2018. I am gonna miss you micky..

37. Disjointed season 1

Netflix Discontinued the production of this series, which doesn’t bring so much fun as it was expected.

38. Great News ( Season 2)

Definitely, the cancellation of Great news is really bad news for its fans.

39. I love Dick ( Season 1)

I like the title of the show but haven’t watched it yet. But I am sure there must be a good reason behind cancelling of this tv series.

40. The Path ( Season 3)

This Hulu TV series was really fascinating. It means you won’t be able to get info about fictional religion Meyerism anymore. This show has strong performance, deep writing and amazing direction. It’s a must watch for all those who have some kind of divine power faith.

41. Rise ( Season 1)

Its bad to see that Rise couldn’t rise well on NBC and entered into the list of 2018 Canceled tv series very soon.

42. Kevil Probably Saves the world ( Season 1)

I don’t like to see that but it is happening. You won’t be able to meet Kevin and other stars in 2019.

43. Broad City ( Season 5)

It is a bad new for me because I really love the performance and acting of its stars. A lot of fun is going away from my life.

44. Seven Seconds ( Season 1)

This new tv series has old black and white drama but it couldn’t win the heart of people, so it has been canceled by Netflix.

45. Versailles ( Season 3)

Watching the old culture and lifestyle was a big plus of this series and another plus was its strong story.Now BBC has ended it.

46. Jean Claude Van Johnson ( Season 1)

Amazon has decided to end this American comedy action tv series. I must say its story was powerful , but something was missing in the acting, of course.

47. Valor ( Season 1)

This was an intense tv show with great story and brilliant performance. It’s really sad to see it a part of canceled tv shows list 2018.

49. Taken ( Season 2)

I like the main star of the show but not the series. So, I am okay to see its end.

50.The Mayor ( Season 1)

I watched this story of a black guy who becomes mayor. The story was childish and concept was silly. Changing the world is not so easy as it is described in the show.

51. Life Sentence ( Season 1)

It was a motivating tv show for those people who are suffering from Cancer. I like the story and acting of its stars. I am going to really miss it.

52. The Exorcist ( Season 2)

My friends were waiting for its season 3 but I am going to show them this list of canceled shows 2018. I hope they will understand that it wasn’t only their favorite show which is going to die, there are many other American tv series.

53. Chance ( Season 2)

There is no chance of Season 3, so you better gonna enjoy its 2 seasons.

54. Transparent ( Season 5)

It is one of the best TV shows to watch on Amazon. But it is going to disappear in 2019.

55. Designated Survivors ( Season 2)

ABC canceled the tv series but given its huge viewership, Netflix picked the show for season 3. So, it’s not the bad news for me, who really like this new president .

56. Shooter ( Season 3)

This action-pack tv series has its own high and low end. But now it’s going to end. So, time to pack all the good memories.

57. Hard Sun ( Season 1)

This tv show won’t see anymore sunlight.

58. The Break with Michelle Wolf ( Season 1)

I must say that I had high hopes for Michelle but it’s really bad to see that she won’t come to Netflix.

59. Homeland

Good news for the fan of Homeland is that its Season 8 will air in 2019 but bad news is that it is the final season.

60. Mr.Robot ( Season 4)

I am not a big fan of Mr.Robot but there are millions people who loves him. The final season of Mr.Robot i.e. Season 4 will air in 2019 on USA Network.

61. The Royals ( Season 4)

No more royal life and lifestyle is there to share.

62. Poldark ( season 5)

Poldark Season 5 will be the final one and it will be aired on BBC One in 2019.

63. The Big Bang Theory ( Seaoson 12)

The fans of this tv series are not happy about the cancellation. However, I like to see its final episodes.

64. OutCast ( season 2)

My boyfriend watch this tv series and I am going to tell him then it is added in the list of 2018 tv shows canceled. He will mind it for sure.

65. Dietland ( Season 1)

I really like the concept of this show. The performance of star is brilliant , it’s time to say it goodbye so early.

66. I am Dying up Here ( Season 2)

This show died faster than I expected.

67. Steve ( Season 2)

I love his joke and his personality. It’s fun to watch this comedy tv show. Gonna miss it very badly.

68.The Deuce ( Season 3)

You will be able to watch its finale season in 2019.

69.Nathan for You ( Season 4)

Nathan won’t be there for you anymore in Comedy Central and every fan will feel bad about this news.

70. Orange is the new Black (Season 7)

My sister love this Prison Comedy show and she is going to beat me when I will tell her that it has become a part of Canceled tv shows 2018. You will see its final season in 2019.

71. Voltron ( Season 8)

This animated kids tv show has ended and your kids will miss the robots.

72. Marvel Iron’s Fist ( Season 2)

I like the Marvel comic and characters but Iron’s fist wasn’t that amazing.

73. Luke Cage ( Season 2)

Netflix has decided to cancel this show. The concept of strong skin and unbreakable man was really interesting, though.

74. American Vandal ( Season 2)

The suspense of this tv series was indeed at its peak in both seasons. But you won’t get its next installment.

75. Alone Together ( season 2)

Freeform ended this tv series, I think the main reason was its low ratings.

76. Good Behavior ( Season 2)

If you like con artist then you are going to love Letty Raines as she is quite unable to show good behavior. This seductive thriller series has many amazing moments which you shouldn’t miss.

77. Reverie Tv Series ( Season 1)

Do you want to go to fantasy world? Mara Kint can surely help you go back to your past and fix some things.

78. The Good Cop ( Season 1)

This new tv series of Netflix has been canceled. You won’t be able to see good cop, bad cop drama anymore.

79. Salvation ( Season 2)

Earth is definitely not going to end but Salvation definitely is in 2018. Storylines were great but ratings as low. That’s why it becomes a part of 2018 canceled tv shows list.

80. The Nine Lives of Chloe King ( Season 1)

This tv series couldn’t survive more than 10 episode, as it has a normal story that a girl discover something is abnormal about her ancestor and her own powers.


I have updated you with Canceled tv series 2018 list, now it’s your turn to share your opinion. What series you are going to miss? And which series end was quite expected ?

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