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I just watched both seasons of Burden of Truth, I binged watched the show in just one week. There were only 18 episodes, 10 episodes in season 1 and 8 in Season 2. So, I’m here with my honest Burden of Truth Review. In one line, I would say that I really enjoyed watching this amazing crime cum law drama where a big city lawyer is fighting for small-town girls’ right. Storylines are quite impressive, there are many secret stories, truth, and lies which you discover in the course of the first and second season. I’m going to review Burden of Truth Season 1 and Burden of Truth Season 2 Separately.

Joanna Chang Burden Of Truth Courtroom DramaThe burden of Truth Season 1 (Twitching Girls in a small town)

Joanna Hanley (Kristin Kreuk) is the main star of the show, she is a big city lawyer. The show begins when high school girls become the victim of a mysterious illness. They started twitching, some girls start forgetting their routine tasks while others feel sick and tired. They got famous as twitching girls in a small town. Other girls in a small town make fun of them and don’t like to get close to them. It is a very desperate and disturbing situation for all the girls.

Taylor Matheson Burden Of Truth Crime Drama Canadian Show
According to girls’ claim, they start showing illness sign after vaccination. Joanna comes to take a side of Vaccination company. She won the case because one of the twitching girls doesn’t take the vaccination. During her case’s discovery, she meets another lawyer who is his old school friend. He is defending the girls. One of the girls is his niece, so he makes sure that justice is served.

When Joanna meets the girl she starts feeling for them and decides to switch side and became their lawyer. It’s when the whole case scenario changes. She has to go against her father who is a well-known case fixer in a small town and big city. Even he has to face many political, environmental and society’s hurdles to find justice for all teenage twitching girls.

What do I like about the show’s Season 1?

Acting and story lines are perfect. You remain engaged to the story until the end of the season. Joanna is such an inspiring actor, I got impressed by her accent and style. She shows the image of a strong independent woman who can go to any extent to find the truth behind a case.

Peter Mooney Burden Of Truth Canadian Tv Series
The sideline stories of this show are also amazing. Taylor is a cute teenage girl whose father is involved in a toxic exposure case. She has to decide whether she will go against her loving father or not. She got cancer due to chemical exposure and it’s the turning point in her life. If we keep ourselves in her position then it’s really very hard to choose between your own justice and your loving parents. But she makes the right decision.

Another story is the half-sister of Joanna – Luna Spence. She works as an assistant on the twitching girl case with Joanna. Later she comes to know that she is the sister of a big-city attorney. She supports Moly Ross who is a niece of Billy Crawford (Peter Mooney). Moly is also a victim of the disease and the main face of her case. Overall, you would like every story this show brings to you. It’s fun uncovering truth of Big city Lawyer, how she is connected to the case and town’s residents.

If you want to know whether Joanna achieves her goal in season 1 then answer is yes. She won the case and justice is served to the girls. But it happens after a long fight which is completely worth watching.

What channel is Burden of Truth on?
You can watch the Burden of Truth on CBC television. I downloaded all episodes of its both seasons online and watched later with lots of fries and coke. It was fun watching such a thriller drama where the situation can be changed at any minute.

The Burden of Truth Season 2 Review

When I started watching Season 2 first episode then I thought that it would be the same small town’s twitching girl case with some new events. But I was wrong. It was a homicide. And I must say that the second season is more shocking than the first one. People must have a lot of expectations from the show star after watching burden of Truth Season 1. So, the team behind this Canadian TV series work hard and bring another 8 episode Season for the fans.

Luna Spence Suspect In Season 2 Burden Of Truth

What do I like about the Show’ Season 2?

This Canadian tv show brings a new story and characters with a little more twist and drama. As I told you before, the storyline was changed. Director kept old characters of the show but bring some new characters which are as interesting as the old one. The show begins with an IT hacker case who is being sued by his former employer. Joanna doesn’t want to take the case but she got eminent threat which increases her interest in the case. She works on the case and comes back to her hometown for a reason she could never imagine ( someone murdered her father).

In the Second season of Burden of Truth, Joanna seeks justice for her father and its very difficult, because the main suspect of this case is her sister – Luna Spencer. She has to save her sister and at the same time find the person who tried to take her whole family away.

Burden Of Truth Review Season 1 And Season 2
Season 2 is also worth watching indeed. You enjoy every other episode of it. Since a small town, people hate her father, so there are many other possible suspects of this murder. But the way she discovers the killer is worth your attention and time.

What I Learned from This Courtroom TV Show?

It happens many times in our life that we feel that we are the only one who are suffering. There is no justice for us and we don’t have anything positive and amazing in life.  The show tells us that we are not alone who have problems; there are many people out there who have to face many bigger issues and problems. Even a big city lawyer find it hard to beat the society’s issues . Life is not a piece of cake, it tests us at many different levels. We don’t need to give up even when everyone is against us.  We need to keep going until we get what we want.  Truth comes out one way or another. Just we have to keep our faith alive .

Burden of Truth Review Wrap up

If you didn’t watch this show then you should binge watch it like I did ( both seasons in the same week). The story-line is engaging. Since I like lawyer tv series, therefore, this show hooked me with it. But even when you are not a lawyer drama fan, this show has interesting discoveries and heart-touching stories to share with you. Go and enjoy it now on CBC television. In case you have watched the show, don’t forget to tell me what you think of the Burden of Truth Season 1 and Season 2.

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