Best TV Shows on Netflix to Watch This Winter

Winter is at its peak and it is right time to explore a list of best tv shows on Netflix.  Whether you like crime drama or superhero, this list has something similar to your interest.  Instead of exploring different shows for binge-watching, it is better to have a look at this list and then find the show from Netflix collection and hit play.


Meet new  superhero this winter 2018. He is an attorney in the daytime anytime but at night he gets ready to save the city from its biggest enemies. This series is full of action, drama, emotions, and stories which are hard to forget and skip.

Daredevil Season 2 Netflix Original Series Best Shows To Watch


When I watched the first two episodes of Ozark, I really felt bored. But thriller comes into its right place and right time from the third episode. Now I have watched its both season. Marty performance is incredible but he is not the only one who keeps you there. His wife and FBI agent are two other major roles of this show. This crime thriller will let you understand money laundering 101 with its depth. It is among those best tv shows on Netflix which will stay in the mind of people for a long time.Ozark Best Tv Shows On Netflix To Watch 2018

Good Cop

It is not like other crime tv shows you are watching these days. There is a procedural cop drama which has some kind of innocence, suspense, and action of its own. You won’t see too many technologies in the series but still, family drama and story will stick you to the series.Good Cop Best New Tv Series To Watch On Netflix


We all are facing some kinds of internal struggle in our lives. The same is true about two main stars of this show Jonah Hill and Emma Stone. They have some family and psychological issues, so they decided to volunteer for a pharmaceutical treatment. During the course of their treatment, they tend to explore that a pill is never a solution for your life problems, people need love and social connections.

Maniac Best Netflix Shows To Watch 2018 Emma Stone

Get a list of Netflix best Miniseries 

House of Cards

People who take good interest in political dramas always regarded it as the best tv shows on Netflix. Its seventh season is coming, so fans of the show are quite excited. Frank Underwood is dead and Claire Underwood is taking his place. Now we have to see whether she can perform the way frank performed before. Expectations are high from Claire, let’s see she meet them perfectly or not. In case you didn’t watch this show then you should add it into your binge-watching Netflix series.  The reason is that this show brings an excellent story with powerful performance and twists.

House Of Cards Season 8 Claire Underwood Best Tv Series On Netflix 2018

I’m going to watch these best tv shows on Netflix this Winter. What tv series is on your list?

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