41 BEST TV Shows 2018- Top rated and Award-Winning Series List

I always suggest my friends search for Best tv shows 2018 list whenever they look for a worth-watching show. The actual reason behind this suggestion is that this kind of list let them explore only top-rated show. In case you need some series which can help you extract real fun and entertainment, I can help you for sure. My collection of best tv series 2018 based on top customer’s rating, award-winning shows and series with positive reviews.  I’m sure you are looking for the same thing. So, let’s dive in together in the universe of tv masterpieces.

Best Tv Shows 2018 List

1.The good place

We all are humans who involved in bad things and wrong deeds. What if someday you wake up in heaven while knowing the fact that you are nothing but a total sinner. You will get confused. Don’t you? Same happen with Eleanor Shell stop who finds herself in the afterlife. She knows she doesn’t deserve heaven. Now she got a chance to change her behavior and do some real good in the life of people around her. A must-watch tv show with a funny touch.

The Good Place Best Tv Series To Watch 2018

2. This is Us

This drama brings back stories of different people who are interconnected in odd ways. But the real fun is how they manage to handle such connections.

This Is Us Best In Tv Shows Happy Nbc Thanksgiving

3. Games of Thrones

It is one of the top rated tv series you can watch on HBO. People love this series because it has a strong story of two families who are fighting for gaining real power and reign. The story has Tyrion- a witty Dwarf, Jon Snow- a handsome Warrior and some charming Divas which can raise the heartbeats of their viewers with a simple wink and smile. Winter screenplay and cinematography is one of the main reasons behind its high name and fame all around the world.

Games Of Thrones Most Popular Tv Shows 2018

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Take a step into cops life and explore their lifestyle and day by day duties. We think that cops play by rule but it’s not certainly true in 99th precinct. Check 16 best crime tv series list.

Brooklyn 99 Best Tv Shows 2018 To Watch

5. Grey’s Anatomy

  I wanted to become a doctor but my parents didn’t enough resources, so best tv shows like this one grab my attention. I feel real charm in doctors and interns. Therefore, I watch this one of the popular medical drama shows.Greys Anatomy Most Popular Tv Shows

6. Supernatural

You won’t mind exploring the supernatural life around you which is possible only via this long time running tv show. It has adventures, stories and some creepy creatures which you hardly see anywhere else.

Supernatural Best Tv Shows 2018 List

7. Crazy Ex-Girl Friend

This show brings you to discover the craziness of an Ex-Girlfriend. There are some girls who find it easy to move on. But there are many who don’t like to give up on a relation or love they believe. Therefore, they are ready to go to any extent to live with the world they like, no matter what it costs and how crazy situation turns into. This tv series has canceled now, so you won’t enjoy its charm anymore. Check Canceled tv shows 2018 list ( just to know which of your favorite tv series won’t come back in 2019).

Crazy Exgirl Friend Best Tv Shows Ever Comedy Shows 2018

8. Stranger Things

It is among the most popular tv series on Netflix. This drama let you discover a wide variety of strange things which look totally real. The disappearance of town boy leads to strange events and appearance of odd things. You should know what they really are.

Stranger Things High Rated Tv Shows Netflix Original Series

9. Black-ish

This drama target African Americans at its best. You will come to know all about Dre Johnson Family. He is a black man who has everything like a good family, a great business and a healthy lifestyle. But his concerns about his ethnicity leads him to do something for their identity and cultural assimilation.

Blackish High Rated Tv Shows For Black People

10. The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

This new tv show on Netflix is working like a magnet for teenagers. When I was a teen, I always wish I could have some powers which I could use as I wanted to. I  am sure many of you have the same thoughts or wishes. I think such wishes lead teen to take interest in supernatural kind of drama like witch hunt, vampire, etc. Now this half-witch and Half-human Sabrina is becoming a famous teen star based on the same reason. Do you agree?

The Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina Best Tv Shows To Watch On Netflix Right Now

11. Arrow

No matter how old we get, we would never stop loving Super-man. He was the best superhero of our time. These days, we have different options, and Arrow is one of them. I must admit here that I love the personality and physic of Oliver Queen; when it combines with his powerful acting then show works as a glue for me.

Arrow Best Shows On Tv Right Now

12. Killing Eve

When I started watching this British tv series, I was quite surprised the way Eve behave. She is a detective and I have seen many detectives from a different crime show. Eve is quite lazy but her attitude makes her attractive I guess. And Killing Eve became the best tv shows 2018 because of the killer obsession with Eve. This obsession brings a thrilling cat and mouse tv series for us.

Killing Eve Popular Tv Shows Award Winning Tv Series On Netflix

13. The Big Bang Theory

We normally think that scientists are boring and in reality they are. But the situation is very different and turned into a lot of fun in Big Bang theory.  From Season 1 to Season 12, its stars prove to us that they have real charms and jokes to deliver all the time. They won’t stop to surprise us with their odds punch lines.

The Big Bang Theory Best Series To Watch Now

14. 9-1-1

Making a call to 911 during an emergency situation is a common phenomenon. We trust this helpline. But do you ever think how the first respondent spend their lives? How they are super-active during the day and night? It’s time to dig deeper into their life. I love watching this best tv shows 2018 because it blows my mind with weird real-life emergencies.

911 On Fox Best Drama Tv Series 2018

15. The Flash

A guy who can run at lightning speed is now available to save the city from the criminal actions. He is a detective who uses his speed to solve the murder mysteries and also to offer utmost protections to ordinary people against top criminals.

The Flash List Of Tv Shows 2018 Popular

16. Riverdale

It is among the best teen tv series you can enjoy. When you are looking for something cheesy and comedy from the comic book then this adult tv show comes into existence. It has crime effects with a soft romance.

Riverdale Best New Tv Shows 2018

17. Black Lightning

The CW network remains busy in offering you comic drama and supernatural tv series. Black Lightning is new tv series 2018 which has a strong superhero with a perfect family story. Jefferson Pierce used to wear a suit of a Vigilante and protected the streets of the city from crime. He left his job in past. But when her daughter becomes a part of the street gang for gaining justice at any cost, he has no choice but to becomes Black Lightning again.

Black Lightning Best Tv Series List 2018

18. DareDevil

Another Vigilante who is hot and charming is Matt Murdock. Girls are a die-hard fan of this amazing person who is blind but has inner eyes to see the evil and put it to an end. He works an attorney in daylight but when the sun goes down a daredevil appears on the surface to deal with the real evils of society.

The Daredevil Best Attorney Crime Drama Tv Shows 2018

19. The Handmaid’s Tale

It is among the award-winning best tv shows of 2018 which you shouldn’t skip at any cost. This story-telling drama takes you into the future when there are a few fertile woman and empire has to use them as a slave. The population is going extinct, so fertile women are forced to give birth and play as sex servitude.  This women tv show has a strong and heart-melting story in an eye-catching style.

The Handmaids Tale 2018 Best Tv Shows To Watch Award Winning Series

20.The Good Doctor

Another Medical tv series whose storylines are as perfect as the performance of the stars is the Good Doctor. The leading star Shaun Murphy is a young autistic surgeon who has savant syndrome. This drama increases Autism awareness and at the same gives the message that a disabled person can still perform a job quite well. Shaun has extraordinary Medical skills and intuitions through which he tries to save lives.

The Good Doctor Autism Tv Series Best Medical Tv Shows 2018

21. The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel

 It is a story of Miriam “Midge” Maisel in late 1950. She is a woman who has everything like a perfect family, an amazing husband, two kids, and a luxury apartment. Her life takes a new change when she explores her hidden talent of stand-up comedy. She starts her career as a comic artist. You would like to explore her complete career journey. It is one of the top rated tv shows on Amazon.

The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel Best Tv Series 2018 List

22. American Crime Story

You will be able to explore different crime stories and some thrilling effects right from this popular tv show.

American Crime Story Best Tv Shows To Watch On Fox

23. Manifest

A plane flew with its passengers and came back to its destination five years later. Passengers don’t know what happened to them until they reached their home where their family members have changed. No passenger in the plane aged a little but people on earth have aged very well. I really admire the story of this new tv series 2018. Performance is also great and really fun is to dig down into the mystery plane and its passengers.

Manifest Best Tv Series To Watch Nbc 2018

24. House of Cards

This political drama has something really amazing to share in every season. Whenever we think that political games have been over than a new corruption, scandal and tactics stick our all attention to it. When you are ready to see the real picture behind the politics then you shouldn’t miss this top rated tv series.

House Of Cards 2018 Best Tv Shows With Good Ratings And Reviews

25. Walking Dead

Take a step into the world of Zombies who are ready to kill human and suck their blood till their death. Living in the life-threatening place is not so easy but there are some strong people who know how to fight a zombie and survive. It is one of the best tv shows 2018 which has thrill, drama, action, and story for you. Get a list of popular supernatural tv series.

Amc Walking Dead 2018 Best Tv Shows List

26. The 100

When nuclear Armageddon destroys civilization on Earth, the only survivors are those on the 12 international space stations in orbit at the time. A team of 100 people is sent back to earth just to see whether they can survive there and use its resources.

The 100 Best Scifi Tv Shows To Watch 2018

27. Maniac

A pharmaceutical trial brings two people together who wants to find some solution to their psychological problems. This trial doesn’t go well and things become a little messier than before. This funny miniseries on Netflix is a worth watching show indeed, especially when it brings Jonah Hill and Emma Stone as the leading stars.

Maniac Best Netflix Series 2018 High Rated

28. American Vandal

This new tv show brings a complete investigation of high-school crime. We always want to know the person who doesn’t the vandalism. But our suspense will remain at its peak till the end of this show.

American Vandal Good Suspense Tv Dramas

29. Modern Family

When you are looking for the best comedy tv shows then you should give a try to Modern Family that has hilarious performing actors at one place. The family is named modern because it has an Asian girl, a gay couple, open relationship and other modern terms of this 21st Century with which most of us are trying to get used to.

Modern Family Popular Comedy Tv Shows

30. Will and Grace

Do you like to watch American Sitcoms? Then you shouldn’t miss this drama that brings two best Friends Will and Grace Together in the most fun way. They know how to add entertainment effects into your life.

Will And Grace Best American Sitcoms 2018

31. Last Man Standing

Another best American Sitcom to watch is last man standing which introduces Mike who is a  married father of three daughters. He tries to run away from his home where he is the only man surrounded by women. He likes to spend most of his time at his job  at an outdoor Man store- a sporting goods emporium. He works as the marketing director there. He runs a vlog where he first tries to market his good but end up giving opinions about healthcare- politics and anything in his mind.

Last Man Standing Best Comedy Tv Shows 2018

32. Better Call Saul

It is among the Best American tv series with high rating and reviews.  This crime drama that brings Goodman who is Jimmy McGill works as a small-time attorney hustling to make a name for himself. He works with a fixer and take an entry into crime world.

Better Call Saul Top Tv Shows To Watch 2018

33. The Gifted

It is one of the most watched tv series on Fox. The story starts from a family where parents come to know that their two teen kids have mutant powers. Government tries to take the kids into custody but family runaways and seeks protection from a mutant underground network.  Family get comfortable with this network where other mutants are living and helping each other and try to survive in a dangerous scenario.

The Gifted Top New Tv Shows 2018 To Watch Now

34. The Americans

Two spies who pretend to be the good citizens of America is the main theme. But this job becomes pretty tricky and quite challenging when an FBI top rank agent is your neighbor. Go and watch how much drama this situation brings for two spies who are married only for job accomplishment.

The Americans Best Crime Thriller Tv Show To Watch On Fox

35. Lethal Weapon

We often heard about Good Cop and Bad Cop. It is time to change our thinking pattern and start looking at a new combination – Good Cop and a Crazy Cop. Sitting next to a crazy cop who doesn’t care about his life is not an easy situation to handle. Keeping Criminal behind the bars and catching them in an odd situation with new tricks is what you got from this one of the most popular police detective tv series.

Lethan Weapon Top Tv Series To Watch About Police Detective Investigation

36. Homecoming

Heidi Bergman ( Julia Roberts) is a caseworker at Homecoming which is a facility that helps soldiers transition back to civilian life. She left the department but years later she has to come back to the facility for an inquiry. During the inquiry, she realizes that she knows nothing about the facility she was working in for years. This new tv show 2018 has its mystery and suspense, you would like to explore its backstory.

Homecoming Best Tv Series To Watch On Amazon Prime Video

37. The Resident

Conrad Hawkins is one of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital’s best doctors. Charming and arrogant, It is another medical tv show which will grab your attention quickly due to the modern approach of Conrad . There is Dr. Devon Pravesh who is an innocent idealist who leans on his finely tuned moral compass. But now he has started thinking of medicine from a business point of view.

The Resident Best Tv Series To Watch On Fox

38. Designated Survivor

Being a President of America is not an easy job as we all think. It has some luxury touch but there are many responsibilities and tough decisions we are not aware of. It’s time to look deep into the life of a President with this crime thriller tv series.

Designated Survivor Popular Tv Shows 2018

39. Deception

The career of Superstar Las Vegas magician Cameron Black has been ruined due to a scandal. His brother goes into the prison for a murder he never commits. Cameron Black works as an assistant and consultant for FBI just to find the killer who sends his brother into Prison. This drama will remind you The White Collar as it has the same theme with the different background story. Cameron Black feels like a twin brother of Nea Caffery but the fact is that he couldn’t please the viewers like him. Therefore, there is just one season of this show as it has been canceled by ABC.

Deception Best Tv Shows To Watch On Abc 2018

40. The Last man on Earth

in 2022, a cataclysm strikes Earth, seemingly wiping out the population save for a former family man and bank employee Phil Miller. Phil is sad and loner who flew to different locations just to find some survivors. He finds a woman during his search and later there are some complications which make the co-existence quite tricky. This show is entertaining and full of fun. When you need some light-shows to watch then simply tune in to this series.

The Last Man On Earth Best Tv Shows Fox Tv To Watch Now

41. Dynasty

It is a modern reboot of 1980s Primetime Soap that brings two wealthiest American Families i.e. The Carringtons and the Colbys. You will enjoy the show that put two women on fights: Fallen Carrington and her step-mother Cristal who is a Hispanic woman. Colbys has grudge against Carrington and they are ready to do anything to destroy Carrington. A fun game of wealth, revenge, the romance between a gay couple is there to explore for.

Dynastay Best Tv Series Of All Time 2018

Wrap Up

I tried to create a short list by adding only top rated and popular best tv shows 2018 in the list. I have a plan to add some later when I get some free time. Till then enjoy this list and share it with your friends who will surely enjoy watching the 2018 top series. If you have your own recommendations then feel free to share them with me.


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