10 Best Thriller Series to Watch on Netflix , Amazon and Hulu

Do you like to watch the show with the intense environment and critical twists? I have got a list of 10 best thriller series to watch on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Every show brings a new story, amazing performance from stars and unexpected turns. Let’s check the list which can let you grab full-time entertainment.

Sneaky Pete

I like to watch Con-Man Show, so I would recommend you to watch Sneaky Pete on Amazon. It is a story of Pete Murphy who is a Con-man who uses the identity of his cellmate and released from the prison. But its not a very dark or serious kind of crime thriller tv series on Amazon, it is half crime –half funny style tv series. You would enjoy the smart performance of Pete.Sneaky Peaky Best Thriller Series On Amazon To Watch Now

The Americans

This show will take you into 1980s time when a couple of two Americans poses to be American citizens but in reality they are spies. They have to maintain their covers by performing the perfect couple role in front of people. They have a family in America and their job is not only to be spies but also to deal with their family and relationship issues.

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Another Spy drama you shouldn’t miss is Homeland. When Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody comes back to his home after eight years in Captivity then he is not the same person who leaves the country. This espionage thriller drama has a smart CIA Agent Carrie Mathison who can see the things others can’t see. She thinks that Nicholas is connected to a dangerous terrorist plot that carried on American Soul. She is not absolutely wrong, but in order to prove herself right, she has to play a perfect cat and mouse game. It is one of the top-rated crime tv shows you can watch on Hulu.Homeland Best Suspense Thriller Tv Series 2017


Do you ready to see a light-dark combo thriller crime tv series on Netflix? You shouldn’t miss Ozark which has its light and dark sides together. Crime elements are there but they are not very intense. A family man Marty ( Batman ) has to help the drug cartel for laundering their money and at the same time, he has to adjust in a new town with his complicated family. This show has great scope and a powerful plot which you would definitely enjoy.Ozark Best Thriller Tv Series To Watch On Netflix

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You can take a step toward a very tensed and action-pack environment when you start watching Narcos. It highlights the rise and fall of popular Colombian Drug lord Pablo Escobar. You will see how American Drug Agency works day and night just to capture the notorious KingPin. From drug trade to capturing the responsible people, this thriller series on Netflix has tension, crime, drama, and action.Narcos Best Netflix Thriller Series

Jack Ryan

We all are well-aware with fictional character Jack Ryan. We watched some movies focused on this character. In a movie, a director has limited time to let you enjoy the real character with great details. But now he has 10 complete hours to describe the beauty of this character. You will fall in love with this CIA agent again when you watch this best tv show on Amazon.Best Suspense Tv Series Jack Ryan On Amazon Prime To Watch


Are you ready to Take a full of thrill ride? This Amazon thriller show has something really mindblowing for you. The story circles around an FBI agent who goes missing and is declare dead while she works on a serial killer case. But she found alive after six years and now consider as a suspect in some murder case. She has lost her memory, now she has to handle a lot at the same time just to prove who she really is.Absentia Best Psychological Tv Series

The Handmaid’s Tale

Another fascinating thriller which is becoming very popular tv series on HULU these days is Handmaid’s tale. This dystopian tale doesn’t bring robots or similar things. Instead, its beautiful storytelling style seems quite attractive. The story takes you to dystopian future where the fertility rate has gone very low and now only a few fertile women are there. They are treated as a servant of the state and forced to give birth to a child. Elizabeth Moss is performing the main character in this top Hulu thriller tv show. She has won several awards for her excellent performance in Season 1.

Best Hulu Thriller Tv Series 2018 The Handmaids Tale

False Flags

People who already have watched and liked Homeland would surely take good interest in the same kind of show named “False Flags on Hulu”. In the homeland, there was just one spy but you will explore 5 in this show. Five ordinary Israeli Citizens woke up one day and they come to know that they are involved in an international kidnapping scheme. They have been framed for sure but now they have to prove their innocence. But the story includes 5 characters with their own suspense and thrill, they might not plan a kidnapping but they have some secrets which they don’t like to expose.

False Flag Israeli Tv Series Best Thriller Shows To Watch

Black Mirror

It is among the best thriller series to watch on Netflix. Some critics say that it is an anti-technology show but I don’t think the same way. It depicts the use of technology but not in a negative manner. The main problem is human behavior which every episode address in a clear-cut way. No doubt, the role of technology in our lives is vital and somehow unavoidable. But we have to think about human behavior and social connection at the same time we think about avoiding technology.Black Mirror Scifi Thriller Tv Series To Watch Right Now


You have got 10 best thriller series to watch on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. People love these shows as they are full of suspense and excitements. What show you have watched already from my list? I would like to listen to your side of the story about the show. Do you like it or not?

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