27 Best Shows to Binge Watch Right Now

Winter has started and nothing is more fun than to watch a tv series. If you are looking for best shows to Binge Watch Right now then I would let you explore my collection which includes comedy series, superhero drama, thriller, science-fiction, and crime stories. I’m sure you would enjoy your winter at its best, no matter what show you pick from the list.

1.Games of Thrones

When you want to take a step toward fantasy tv show having king and queens then nothing will impress you more than A Games of Thrones. This show brings stories of two powerful families which are in a fight just to get the full control on Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. You should watch this show because it has a great storytelling style alongside impressive sceneries and beautiful characters. This show is based on best selling novels of George R.R Martin “ A song of Ice and Fire”. ( check GOT Quotes)


Games Of Thrones Best Binge Worthy Tv Series On Hbo

2. True Detective

You can watch this popular tv show on HBO.  The story circles around a 1995 murder case which is reopened for investigation 17 years later in 2012. Things have changed a lot during this time period. Now new investigators have to bring back Cohle and Hart ( two detectives who investigated that case before). This reopening of case re-open closed wounds of detectives as well. You should watch this show because it has suspense, crime and a close look at the personal lives of detectives.


True Detective Best Tv Shows To Binge Watch On Hbo

3.My Mad Fat Diary

Fat people remain conscious of their bodies. They have desires and wishes just like normal people but they often have to struggle in their lives. This binge-worthy tv series will unlock the story of a teenager who has body issues but they still want to have sex.

My Mad Fat Diary Binge Watching Tv Shows List

4. West World

This science-fiction American tv series is among the best shows to Binge watch. When you read its reviews then most of the time you notice that people tag as a masterpiece. This show will take you to the near future and then its interaction to reimagined past. There are no Italian invasion or survival issues as you see in other sci-fi dramas, instead, the focus of this show is complete “You” the people, their fantasies and imagination. The cinematography is quite amazing. You would enjoy its music, background, and locations all the time.

West World Best Tv Shows 2016 Worth Watching

5. BroadChurch

It is a popular British tv series which has the thrill of its own style. The show starts when the corpse of an 11-year old British boy Danny Latimer founded on the Idyllic beach. Media covers this incident and media madness make this small Dorset community as the main focus. Two efficient detectives work on the case and try to uncover the reality behind this murder.

Broadchurch Best British Binge Worthy Tv Series

6.Rick and Morty

It is among the top rated tv series you can watch. This American Sitcom is quite famous among teens but it is designed for adults as well. The real fun is to explore adventure and science world of Rick along with stupid Morty.

Rick And Morty Must Watch Top Rated Tv Comedy Series


If you like the real kind of suspense then you should binge watch Marcella tv series. This British tv show is set in contemporary London where a body of a missing child is discovered inside a wall. Task work is created to catch the killer. Anna Fries is playing the lead role of Marcella Backland who is a detective. She has to investigate this murder case in a complex environment. She uncovers some dark secrets of varied characters connected to boy murder.

Marcella Tv Series Detective Binge Watch Tv Shows List

8. Iron Fist

It is among the most popular tv series on Netflix. People love the excellent action and performance of Danny Rand who has great stamina and power to beat his enemies. When Danny was 10 years old, he survived a mysterious plane crash in which his rich parents died. Warrior monks rescued Danny and took him in the City of K’un-Lun where he lives in the harsh environments. Monks trained him to become a fierce warrior. He returned to his hometown just to take control of his parent’s company. After some years. He takes care of his family legacies while dealing with his enemies at the same time. The story is great and action is so inspiring, you should add it into your best shows to binge watch list now.

Iron Fist Best Tv Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Right Now


Normally, we think of the father as a responsible person in a family but it is not always true. There are some people in the world who are different, the same is true about  Frank Gallagher who is a single father if six. He likes to spend his free time in a bar instead of focusing on his children. As he doesn’t work as a father, so the eldest kid of the family has to step up and lead the family. This comedy tv series has impulsive actions, lack of parenting and unacceptable parenting styles which you should discover once in your life if you really want to big laugh.

Shameless Best Comedy Tv Series To Watch 2018

10. Stranger things

It is among the best shows to binge watch on Netflix in 2018. The story includes a kid who disappears one day and other kids are trying to find it. This discovery takes them into a world with many strange event and incidents.

Stranger Things Best Tv Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Now

11. 9-1-1

You always call first 9-1-1 in the emergency and they try to help you in the best possible manner. If you want to know how they really do it and how they manage to be the first responder to your emergencies then this best tv shows 2017 will give you a quick look. You will see how 9-1-1 really works and how the people behind this service spend their everyday life with such a challenging job.

911 New Tv Series To Watch

12. American Horror Story

Do you like supernatural tv series? Then you shouldn’t skip the American horror story which will introduce a family living in the haunted home and facing the life-threat kinda challenges every day.

American Horror Story Best Supernatural Tv Shows To Watch On Fox Tv

13. Bojack Horseman

It is an animated American TV series designed not for kids for sure. But definitely, the show is binge-worthy series for adults. It has plenty of sex, drugs and alcohol stuff to exposed for. The story revolved around a humanoid horse who was the star of the show in the 90s, but he lost in self-loathe. Now he is back to become a star after these years but things have changed a lot in Hollywood. He has an amazing girl-friend agent who is working hard to make him the star he wants to be. But he has to really adjust in the new social fan following environment where Twitter and other social media play an important role.

Bojack Horseman Best Top Rated Animated Tv Series

14. The Gifted

The life of mutants is not so simple, they have to keep them safe and away from government and scientists hands. I really like the gifted because it brings a very cool safe house for mutants who have special capabilities and at the same time they have to survive in a town where they don’t have freedoms and equal rights.

Marvel Tv Series The Gifted Best New Shows To Watch

15. Lethal Weapon

The first two seasons of Lethal Weapon are totally binge-worthy. You would love the way two police partners perform their day to day duties. They have personal lives but they made sure that a case is resolved as quickly as possible. Check other Crime investigation tv series list.

Lethan Weapon Best Police Detective Tv Shows

16. Will and Grace

It is an Emmy Award Winning Comedy tv series which has sex, relationship, friends drama, divorce, lawyers, actors and everything which you can imagine for a powerful script.  Friends sharing the same apartment and their lives interconnect in different ways. Will and Grace are two best friends who see up and low of their lives together. They have to manage their lives and try to make the most of it all the time.

Will And Grace Award Winning Best Comedy Tv Shows Of All Time

17. How to Get away with Murder

It is my favorite Binge worthy tv shows. This crime drama thriller has a lot of suspense. Every season revolves around a murder case and you won’t solve it completely until you watch the entire season. The performance, connection, and chemistry of its character are really good. You would fall in love with its characters especially the leading role “Annalise Keating”. Add this drama into your best shows to Binge watch list now.

How To Get Away With Murder Binge Watch Tv Shows Murder Crime Thriller Annalise Keatings

18. Arrow

The leading role of this superhero tv series is Oliver Queen who is handsome and muscular. Girls fall in love with this character and Green-hoodies. In the first season, you will explore only one superhero Oliver but later you will meet other stars of the show. But I must say that Oliver is the real-show stopper all the time. His performance and action make the viewers watch every upcoming episode of the show. Oliver Queen is a billionaire for the world but in reality, he is a vigilante who hides behind the green hood and uses his arrow as a weapon to deal with his city’s enemies.

Arrow Best Binge Worthy Tv Shows List

19. Scandal

If you like political drama with a lot of thrill then you should start watching Scandal which brings Olivia Pop at your tv step. She is a successful, driven and passionate woman who run the Presidential campaign at one end and at another end she has an attorney office with associates ready to handle top class cases.

Scandal Olivia Pop Best Tv Shows To Binge Watch Right Now

20. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is regarded as the best tv shows 2017 due to its amazing comedy style and characters.  Puberty is not a simple thing to handle for Andrew who is the main cartoon character. He has many questions and challenges to face. Nick and Jessi are his two friends who are romantically involved. Figuring out the adult world is quite tricky for Andrew. I’m sure you would like to take an entry into his world where he is making sense of every adulthood thing around him.

Big Mouth Binge Worthy Cartoon Tv Series

21.The Flash

In this fast-paced world, it is important for us to act like The Flash. We need to work on over speed if we want to be successful. The Flash is one of the best tv shows based on superhero life. Barry Allen is the main star of the show, his life changed when his mother died and his innocent father was convicted for the death of his mother. He wants to know what happened exactly years ago when her mother died.  His dedication to learning the truth behind murder made him a detective and crime-scene investigator. If you take interest in superpowers and superheroes then you should add The Flash into best binge watching tv shows list now.

The Flash Best Tv Shows To Binge Watch

The mother death incident isn’t the only thing which changed his life. A particle accelerator causes an explosion and becomes a reason of freak storm where Barry is struck by lighting. When he awakes from Coma 9 most later then he realized his superpower. He can run at a lightning speed now. He comes to know that there are many other people who gain some powers and using them for an evil purpose. Now his life purpose is to solve his life mystery while protecting the innocents.

22. Walking Dead

What to binge-watch now? If this is your question then I suggest you take an entry into Zombie world where zombies are not the only threats for humans survivors; they also have to deal with human enemies every day. It is one of the best shows to binge watch right now as it will take you to the supernatural world.

The Walking Dead Best Tv Shows To Binge Watch

23. Riverdale

It is one of the most popular teen tv shows these days. Riverdale has millions of die-hard fans who always like to know what happens next in the lives of the main characters. This show has mysteries unsolved murders which keep the suspense level high. People keep watching every second episode of the show just to know what happened before and why different characters have been killed. I must say that writers did a good job but sometimes it story offers scrabble and missing piece effects.

Riverdale Binge Watch Tv Series

24. Crazy-Ex Girl Friend

Not every girl-friend is cool and understanding, there are some who don’t like to let go a relationship. Same will happen in this funny tv show where a successful and driven woman Rebecca Bunch has a great job and amazing lifestyle in New York. But she left behind all these things and moved to a small town in Los Angeles for her love quest and search. This funny American tv series has so much fun and emotional stories which you won’t like to miss.

Crazy Ex Girl Friend Funny Tv Shows Binge Watch Drama

25. Ray Donavon

If you are a person who takes good interest in Crime tv shows then you add Ray Donavon into your binge-worthy tv series list right now. This top-rated crime drama has a powerful story and strong characters. Ray Donovan is a fixer for Hollywood’s elite.  City celebrities, business moguls, models, athletes, and elite people make him a call when they want their problems to disappear.  Ray earns handsomely from this job. But his life is not so simple as his past haunt him continually. His troubled brothers always call him and his father released from Prisons after 20 years. Now, the father wants to reconnect with the family but Ray knows that it’s not a good idea.

Ray Donovan Best Crime Series Binge Watch

26. Daredevil

Interested in Marvel comic or superhero? You would definitely like to add Daredevil into your own list of best shows to binge-watch. Daredevil is a really daring person who works as an attorney in the day-light and turned into an action blind hero at night. He doesn’t have eyes but he has other skills to kick the ass of his enemies.

Mat Murdock Daredevil Best Binge Watching Shows

27. Super Girl

It is one of the most recommended superhero tv series on the CW network. Girls are in love with the super girl who has special powers and abilities. She knows how to manage her special powers along with dealing with her human lifestyle. For the world, she is a normal human being but only a few people know that she has her own super-secret agency that provides protection to city’s citizens from threats.

Supergirl Best Binge Watch Tv Series List


You have got a list best shows to binge watch.  Now it’s your choice to pick one show from the list and start enjoying its entire season. One thing which you shouldn’t forget is to order a pizza and some cold drinks which let you enjoy the entire season without feeling hungry. In case I missed any good binge-worthy tv series then you can add its name to the comment, I will consider adding it.

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