9 Good Shows to Watch on Netflix

Winter has started and we are going to enjoy the holidays. It is certainly the best time to have a list of good shows to watch on Netflix. I have created a list which you can use to bring some fun into your winter holidays. So, let’s dive into this list.

`1.House of Cards (2013-2018)

This American web-television series has total six seasons. When you like political schemes and power dramas then you should have to do nothing but to watch Underwood. He is a ruthless politician who can do anything for the power play. You can see behind the scene happening of American Politics. You will explore corruption tactics and greed stories in this amazing Netflix tv show.

House Of Cards Political Good Shows To Watch On Netflix

2.Stranger Things  (since 2016)

Just imagine, you have a vision of future and demonic creatures. You will feel bad and helpless as no one really understands you. I think this is enough to empathize you to Will Byers whose life changes with the vision of dangerous monsters. He gets help from a new doctor because he thinks that he has PTSD. The series focuses on the investigation of a young boy who disappears in a town Hawkins in a supernatural way.

Netflix Stranger Things Good Tv Series To Watch

3. Maniac (since 2018)

This new Netflix series will definitely turn you mad somehow. The story brings two strangers Annie and Owen together in a medical lab where they have to take pills to deal with their mental issues. They take part in mysterious pharmaceutical trials of three days which claim to solve their medical problems with no side effects. But the story gets changed when a thing doesn’t work out the way it is planned.Maniac Netflix Tv Shows To Watch

4. The Crown  (since 2016)

Do you like to watch old-style Queen and king movies? Then you should watch this lavish queen series from Netflix. It is based on The Audience which is an award-winning play. You would explore a life of Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) from 1940 to modern times. She has to handle the throne in her 25 after the death of her father. No doubt, it is among the good series to watch on Netflix. She has to deal with romance, politics, and rivals in the series. It’s indeed fun watching her dealing with life problems in an elegant way.

The Crown Netflix Original Tv Series

5. Orange is  the New Black (since 2013)

It is one of the most popular Netflix original series which take you into a real-life based prison world. Piper Chapman in her mid-30s is sentenced due to her association with a drug runner. She sent to a minimum security correction center prison where she feels it really hard to adjust, later she makes some friends and try to be an orange power player.

Orange Is New Black Best Tv Shows To Watch On Netflix

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6. Making a Murderer (since 2015)

Do you like crime tv shows? I suggest you to must watch making a Murder. It happens sometimes that a person has to live in the prison for a crime he didn’t commit. So, this show unlocks the story of the same person name “Steven Avery”- he spent two decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. When he came back from the prison, he filed suits against the people who are responsible for his arrest.

But he has to go back to prison again for the murder of 25-year old photographer. Later, two students, Laura and Noira take interest in the Avery Story and they try to bring the facts behind his convictions and story. You would surprise to see how evidence has been tempered just to keep Avery behind the bars.  No doubt, it is among the Netflix series worth watching.  Avery seems like an innocent man who has to suffer due to an unfair justice system.

Making A Murderer Crime Tv Shows On Netflix


7.Black Mirror (since 2011)

It is Sciene-fiction British tv series on Netflix.  This series has a lot of twists set in high-tech near-future kind of scenario. You can explore darkest instinct and great invotation in the shows. Each story includes its own cast. You don’t have to see same cast in the whole series.

Black Mirror Popular Netflix Show

8. BoJack Horseman (since 2014)

It is a popular adult animated popular tv series on Netflix.  This show revolves around a Humanoid Horse –BoJack Hoseman. The story has its own lows and high points of comedy, twist and drama. This dark comedy show will let you get answer of some interesting life question. Its first season might be basic but it will keep you glued until season 5.

Bojack Horseman Animated Shows On Netflix To Watch

9. Ozark

Do you want to learn Money Laundering? If the answer is yes then you should start watching Ozark which is a kind of dark tv drama that circles around money laundering effort of Marty Byrde. He is a financial planner who has to relocates his whole family in summer resort community Ozark. He has to launder money of a mafia guy if he wants to stay alive. It’s really fun to see how Marty meets his goals of monthly money laundering and how his whole family tries to adjust in the community.

Ozark Family Financial Drama On Netflix Crime

I have shared some good shows to watch on Netflix this winter. Do you have some more shows to add in the list? Feel free to share their names and a reason why a person has to watch it.

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