51 Kristen Bell Movies and TV Shows for Comedy Lovers

If you like to kill your boredom with comedy shows then you should check a complete list of Kristen Bell movies and tv shows. She is well-known due to her performance as Eleanor Shellstrop in a popular comedy tv series The Good Place. This role received a nomination in Golden Globe Award as the Best Actress-  Television Muscial or Comedy category.

Kristen Bell Veronica Mars Movies ListKristen Bell Introduction

Kristen Anne Bell was born in American on 18 July, 1980. She is 38 years old. Normally, she appears in comedy shows and films. House of Lies in the best comedy series of Showtime in which she performed the leading role as Jeanine van der Hooven from 2012 to 2016.

Kristen Bell got more name and fame due to voicing Princess Anna in Disney Animated fantasy Films frozen, Frozen Fever, Olaf’s frozen Adventure and Ralph Breaks the internet. She would also voice over for upcoming Frozen 2 film in 2019.

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In past, she performed the major role in Teen noir Drama Veronica Mars Tv series from 2004 to 2007. She won a Sturn Award for best Actress on Television due to her amazing performance in this tv drama.


Kristen Bell Movies And Tv Shows

In case you like to watch Kristen Bell comedy films then you should watch Couples Retreat, When in Rome, The Boss, Bad Moms , You Aain and a Bad Moms Christmas. When it comes to her incredible performance in the film then you can watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Her performance is highly praised due to this only role.

51 Kristen Bell movies and TV shows list

It’s time to check some shows and movies which help you enjoy grab great fun.

  1. The Good Place (since 2016)
  2. Frozen (2013)
  3. Veronica Mars (2004-2007)
  4. Bad Moms (2016)
  5. Gossip Girls (2007-2012)
  6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
  7. When in Rome (2010)
  8. You Age (2010)
  9. Couple Retreat (2009)
  10. CHiPs (2017)
  11. A bad Moms Christmas (2017)
  12. The Boss (2016)
  13. Burlesque (2010)
  14. House of Lies (2012-2016)
  15. Like Father (2018)
  16. The Lifeguard (2013)
  17. Zootopia (2016)
  18. Heroes (2006-2010)
  19. Ralph breaks the Internet (2018)
  20. Frozen 2 (2019)
  21. Serious Moonlight (2009)
  22. Fanboys (2009)
  23. Astro Boy (2009)
  24. Scream 4 (2011)
  25. Hit and Run (2012)
  26. How to be a Latin Lover (2017)
  27. Teen Titans Go: to the movies (2018)
  28. Stuck in Love (2012)
  29. Big Miracle (2012)
  30. Get Him to the Greek (2010)
  31. Reefer Madness (2005)
  32. Movie 43 (2013)
  33. Pootie Tang (2001)
  34. Spartan (2004)
  35. Some Girl (s) 2013
  36. The King and Queen of Moonlight bay (2003)
  37. Fifty Pills (2006)
  38. Safety not Guaranteed (2012)
  39. Burning Love (since 2012)
  40. The Cat Returns (2002)
  41. Unsupervised (2012)
  42. Lost Masterpieces of Pornography (2010)
  43. Deepwater (2005)
  44. Frozen Forever (2015)
  45. Pulse (2006)
  46. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure (2017)
  47. The O’keefes (2003)
  48. E! News (since 1991)
  49. Flatland : The Movie (2007)
  50. Big Mouth (since 2017)
  51. Play it Again, Dick (2014)

If you don’t know what to watch first from this list of 51 Kristen Bell movies and TV shows then I suggest you to go for Frozen film series and then watch the Good Place.

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