Canceled TV Shows 2018 List -The Deuce, Big Bang Theory and many others

It’s time to say goodbye to your favorite shows and some new shows 2018 which won’t have any future in 2019. I have made a list of Canceled tv shows 2018. Check out this series and let me know if there is any show which you might not expect to get canceled but due to low rating and views it won’t get enough space. Almost 80 shows have been canceled in 2018, many of them are my favorites. Continue reading Canceled TV Shows 2018 List -The Deuce, Big Bang Theory and many others

New TV series 2018 list for a Fresh-Fun Start

Do you want to start fresh? Looking for a new tv series list 2018? I am here to share a list of shows with different themes and genres. Whether you like comedy or just a light drama, I have everything in this collection. So, let’s start discovering this collection now. Continue reading New TV series 2018 list for a Fresh-Fun Start

Top Rated TV Series to Watch Now ( updated December 2018)

I am a kind of a person who likes to spend the weekend in the best way. Therefore, I always keep a list of top rated tv series with me. Once I am done with hanging out with my buddies, I cook Spaghetti or order pizza and then I start watching a show. I don’t like searching on the web, because it is simply a waste of time. In case you need the same list then I have one which will bring entertainment edge into your life. Continue reading Top Rated TV Series to Watch Now ( updated December 2018)

20 Best Comedy TV Shows that Won’t let you Feel Bore

It is okay to live alone sometime and enjoy your own company. But if you are feeling bored then I suggest you check my best comedy tv shows list. I picked the 20 best shows which will not let you feel bored anymore. Let’s find out what I have for you. Continue reading 20 Best Comedy TV Shows that Won’t let you Feel Bore

15 Best American TV shows which are Super-Entertaining

Looking for a list of best American Tv shows? You have reached a place where you can explore only the show which is worth watching. I added highly recommended tv series on my list. I don’t like to waste your time by suggesting you a series which is nothing but a total crap. So, let’s dive into my collection.

  1. Breaking Bad ( 2008- 2013)

IMDb rating: 9.5/10

It is a story of a chemistry teacher who diagnosed with lung cancer and turned into a criminal. This top rated tv show has an amazing story to tell you guys. So, don’t miss it.

Breaking Bad Cast Best American Shows To Watch

2. Grey’s Anatomy ( since 2005)

IMDb rating: 7.5/10

I really like this medical drama series as it takes you right into a surgical room and let you explore many things which a non-medical person can’t see in real life. The story involves young medical students who are interns at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, and try to fit in.   Meredith Grey is the daughter of a famous surgeon. She has to maintain her relationship with her colleagues and also with hospital chief. Things look simple but actually, situation and relationship are really complicated and uncontrollable many times.

Greys Anatomy Best Medical Tv Series To Watch

3. How to Get Away with Murder ( since 2014)

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

Do you want to think like a criminal? Do you want to commit a murder and want to get away from it? Now you have legal guidance on how to do it perfectly. Don’t take it seriously. It is the most popular American TV shows which you shouldn’t skip. This thriller series involves Annalise Keatings who is a professor of Defense laws and teaches her student a class “how to get away with murder” . She hires her associates which are bright students from the school. They made a team and work on real law cases. But this is what world see, in the background they get involved in the murder and they have to do some real drama to get away with it.

How To Get Away With Murder Best Crime Attorney Drama On Abc

4. Arrow ( since 2012)

IMDb rating: 7.7/10

You will surely get mesmerized from the amazing performance of “Oliver Queen” who is a billionaire in the eyes of the world but in the background, he works as the vigilante. He has to save his town from the imminent threats and enemies while keeping his heroism away from the eyes of the world. I must say this is one of the amazing American Tv shows will entertain you in a way that you never expected before.

Arrow Tv Series Best Oliver Queens Scenes American Tv Series List

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5. American Horror Story ( since 2011)

IMDb rating: 8.1/10

It is one of the most amazing American tv series with more than 90 episodes. You will explore demonic creatures, creepy environment and unexpected horror situation in this tv show. A family moves into a haunted house where things are pretty out of their control.

American Horror Story Most Recommended Tv Shows

6. The Walking Dead ( since 2010)

IMDb rating: 8.4/10

What you will do when you have to live on an island that follows a zombie apocalypse. It is among the most watched supernatural tv series.  People who take interest in zombie games and movies love to watch this tv show. Former Police Offer Rick Grimes, his family and a group of survivors has to deal with zombies who are walking among them. But zombies are not the only life threats they have, they also have to protect themselves from the human just to stay alive.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Popular American Tv Series

7. The Games of Thrones (since 2011)

IMDb rating: 9.5/10

Take an entry into an ancient world where 9 families are in a deadly war with each other just to get the full control of Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. This best American tv show is based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series `A Song of Ice and Fire’ .

Games Of Thrones Award Winning American Tv Series You Can Watch

8. The Big Bang Theory ( since 2007)

IMDb rating: 8.2/10

If you a medical student and love physics then you might feel related to this most popular comedy tv shows. The story involves physics students who now everything about their subject but nothing about women and romance. An interaction with their neighbor girl changes the way they see physics and life.The Big Bang Theory Funny American Shows

9.Criminal Minds ( since 2005)

IMDb rating: 8.8/10

Do you want to go into minds of Criminals? If this is what you like to do then This American tv show has something really amazing to teach you. An high-profile FBI Profiler squad analyzes most-twisted criminal minds just to anticipates their next moves. Before they do a crime again, this squad can predict it what they will do and how exactly. This prediction helps them better understand criminals and their movies. With the help of this squad , they can keep the crime rate low and town safe.Criminal Minds Best Crime Tv Shows List

10.This is Us ( since 2016)

IMDb rating: 8.8/10

It is a popular American Comedy tv series. The story involves different families with diverse lifestyles who are interlinked. Some of them shared birthdays while others have unexpected connections. So, go and unveil their stories with full-pack humor.

This Is Us Best American Tv Series List

11.The Handmaid’s Tale

IMDb rating: 8.6/10

Women are surviving from the very start of this universe. They have been sexually abused for the personal and business’s gain. But not all women are ready to expect this roughness of the world. Someones has to step up for their rights. So, this series comes with the same theme.  A totalitarian society uses fertile women forced into sexual servitude. Offred is also a fertile woman but she doesn’t want to be forced, she doesn’t want to live in this horrific society the way its leader wants her to. So, she takes a stand.

The Handmaids Tale To Watch American Drama Series

12.The Americans ( 2013- 2018)

IMDb rating: 8.4/10

Another Amazing American tv show which you must watch is this one.  It brings interesting and captivating spy story.  Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are two KGB spies in an arranged marriage, they posed as Americans but in reality, they are not. Their teenage kids have no idea about their parents’ identity.  They work as the spy but fall for each other and their relationship becomes complicated. But life becomes difficult when an FBI agent Stan Beeman becomes their neighbor.

The American Spies Tv Shows To Watch In America

13. NCIS: Los Angeles ( since 2009)

IMDb rating: 6.7/10

It is one of the best American TV shows which started in 2009 and after 9 years it is still famous. These days, NCIS: Los Angeles 10 season is on air.Chris O’ Donnell and LL Cool J are the stars of the show. This crime drama is set in Los Angeles and involve High-stakes Special Projects.  Highly trained agents go undercover and use high-technologies to deal with criminals who are threats to national security.Ncis Los Angeles Best American Crime Tv Shows

14. Jane the Virgin ( since 2014)

IMDb rating: 8.8/10

Looking for a hilarious comedy American tv series? You should watch Jane the Virgin where a virgin girl Jane get pregnant because she is Inseminated by a specimen meant for a patient in the next room.  She finds herself in a position where she never expected she will. She gets panic and starts doing things which she couldn’t do as a normal person. This show has amazing story with lots of twist.  It offers you a melodrama which you won’t get anywhere else.Jane The Virgin Best American Tv Shows Comedy Shows

15. Mad Men ( 2007-2015)

IMDb rating: 8.6/10

It is a kind of show where each character elaborates his good, bad and ugly side. All characters face some issues but they come up with a solution which seems reasonable. When you watch this show, you will feel relatable with these characters. This award-winning American tv series has Quality performance which you hardly get anywhere.

Award Winning American Tv Shows Mad Men

You have got a list of best American TV shows which you can enjoy anytime you like. Do you want to add your favorite show in the list? Go ahead, do it by using the comment form below.

Grab Most Popular Netflix Tv Shows list

There are some people who don’t watch a show until it is quite famous. So, I have decided to make a list of 10 best popular Netflix tv shows list. You can grab a show from the list and have fun watching it.

1.The Haunting of Hill House

The story of a family who lives in a haunted house and ghosts of that house takes the life of the mother while the father has to run away with kids just to save them. But it is not just the end, the story gets twisted when kids grow up and they have to go back to that house just to confront the ghosts. Sounds amazing? It is no doubt one of the great tv shows you can watch on Netflix.

The Haunting Of Hill House Most Popular Tv Shows To Watch On Netflix

2. Stranger Things

It is a science fiction horror Netflix tv shows which are getting very popular these days. It has creepy characters and scary moments which keep every episode fresh in terms of story. Series start from the disappearance of a young boy in the city and people who are looking for him experience the unusual environment and strange things all around them.

Teen Horror Drama Stranger Things Popular On Netflix Tv Shows

3. Orange is the new Black

Prison can do many bad things to you, even all those things which you hardly imagine. If you don’t believe me then start watching this Orange uniform girls series. Piper Chapman is the star of this Netflix original series. She is shifted to a minimum security prison where she meets with crazy women who changes the way Piper looks at the world. She changes so much that she becomes a part of their gang after struggling hard.Orange Is The New Black Cast Netflix Famous Shows Right Now

4. Jessica Jones

One thing I like to make it clear that it is a dark superhero tv show which is definitely not for the kids. Adults can watch it for sure. Jessica is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. She started her own detective agency named Alias Investigations where she is ready to deal with cases which involved people with special abilities. It is one of the top-rated Netflix show which you may like to watch. But you should know that sometimes this show feels really dark and depressing.Netflix Original Jessica Jones Top Rates Shows

5. Better Call Saul

This award-winning tv show is a prequel to Breaking Bad. Jimmy McGill is a small-time attorney who changes into morally challenged Lawyer Saul Goodman.  If you want to take a deep insight into many prominent characters of Breaking bad then you should Better Call Saul. It mix fun factors with drama and brings a whole new kind of episode. There are 40 Better Call Saul episodes and every episode is quite different from another. You won’t see any mix or amalgamation. Once you start watching the show, it will hard to do anything else.Better Call Saul Netflix Most Popular Series

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6. Making a Murderer

It is one of the most popular Netflix tv shows. Avery is the main character of the show who has to remain the prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But once he releases from the jail, he tries to find his justice but he has to pull back in the prison. This is very unfair but it happens in real life and surely you want to know how this all happened. So go and watch the show.Making A Murderer Crime Documentary Tv Shows On Netflix Famous High Rated

7. Daredevil

A blind man can’t do anything for others but it is not true. Daredevil is a superhero who is blind but he is powerful enough to beat the enemies and save the people.Most Popular Netflix Tv Series To Watch Daredevil Superhero

8. Glow

This Netflix show is nominated in Primetime Emmy Award as Outstanding Comedy Tv Series. Women wrestling show in the 80s is the main theme. But it’s fun to see how Hollywood misfits enters into the ring and fight with their grudges and hatred for each other.Women Wrestling Show On Netflix Getting Popular Glow 80s Drama

9. 13 Reasons Why

It is a story of Hannah Becker who is being bullied in the high school by her mates so she commits suicide. But before suicides, she tapes 13 cassettes and tells 13 reasons why she kills her self. It is one of the Netflix worth watching tv series for teens and youngsters.13 Reasons Why Best Netflix Tv Shows For Teenage School Students

10. The Crown

This tv show tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II who is young and handles the reign after the death of her father. It is a story of romance, politics and personal intrigues which you shouldn’t miss. I must say the performance of Queen is simply the best and she will win your heart not only because she is beautiful but also due to her mind-blowing acts.The Crown Netflix Popular Series To Watch

11. House of Cards

Francis Underwood is a ruthless politician who wants revenge from Garret Walker. Actually, he supports Walker who promises him a Post of Secretary of State. But he doesn’t keep his word. Underwood shows him that he is okay with all this but secretly he is joining forces with his wife to pay the Walker for his betrayal. It is one of the most watched tv shows on Netflix. Actually, this show unlocks dark secrets of American Politics and corruption. The more you watch the series, the better you will understand politics.House Of Cards Netflix Series Worth Watching

12. Black Mirror

It is an award-winning tv show on Netflix which highlights the relation of human and technology. Some of its episodes set in the present while other show you a sneak peek into future. So, do you want to know how technology impacts you now and in the future? Probably, it is a kind of science fiction popular Netflix tv series which you shouldn’t skip.Black Mirror Award Winning Popular Netflix Tv Shows

Guys, you have a list of popular Netflix tv shows. Now the next step is to pick a show which seems interesting and start exploring its story. If I miss something then don’t forget to correct me. Comments are always welcome here.


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